Simple stitched tags


Have I ever told you guys that I sewed my own wedding dress?

And have I told you that, since then, I have decided that I hate to sew clothes? And I never sew my own clothes anymore, except for the rare occasion I must mend something. And even then, I push it off until I have a huge pile of clothes to mend, or someone outgrows it or just forgets about it. There have been things left on my pile of things to mend that I had forgotten I ever had. That’s how much I resist sewing.

But, for some reason, I enjoy stitching on paper. Go figure. So now pretty much the only action my poor sewing machine sees is when I get it out to stitch my paper crafts. Oh well.

So I’ve been into dressing up some plain manila tags recently. I love to dig through my leftover paper scraps and random embellishments to find things I can use on the plain tags.

I like to keep them simple and then just keep them to tuck onto a layout or add to a gift package.

For these I used my sewing machine to add just a little stitching to each one.


Just a bit of paper, a stamped phrase, and a straight line of stitching.


This one features a scrap piece of watercolored paper, a bit of patterned paper, a sticker, and some stitching.


This one is a tad more complex. I added a sheet of acetate and tucked in a few little flowers before stitching it the whole way.


Easy and fast.

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