teeny tiny party= great big fun!

Boy, have I been a slacker! Lots going on and no time to blog about it!
Last week I was in full party mode and the weekend was spent catching up on sleep!

The party was a blast! We had so much fun having Chloe’s little friends here to celebrate with us! A big thank you goes out to all the parents who brought their kids for the party. It wouldn’t have been fun at all without so many friends to celebrate with!

Wanna see some pics from the party? There are a lot, so sit back and enjoy!

The theme of the party was “teeny tiny”, so everything I possibly could was done in miniature. I saw this idea on someone’s blog almost a year ago and knew I just had to try this for Chloe’s next birthday. I’ve been collecting ideas since then. I didn’t get to try all the ideas I collected, but I did get to use a lot.

One of the goals for this party was to keep costs at a minimum. I tried to use as many things that I had on hand as possible. I have a lot already in my stash, so it was fun to see what I could use that I already had.

I had a giant roll of tickets that I’ve had for a long time and a roll of narrow fabric that came with a bag of ribbons and such that I found at Goodwill. I decided to use both these items to make some fun banners to hang on the porch.

The tickets were simply sewn together on my sewing machine and the roll of fabric was cut in small pieces and tied around some string that I also had on hand.

We blew up some water balloons and attached them to skewers to make tiny balloon arrangements. We had these setting on the food table.

Tiny party hats await the party guests. These were also all made with things I already had on hand. Pieces of card stock, strips of patterned paper, pom-poms, and string.

The goodie bags were tiny brown bags with a tiny clothespin to pin it shut. Inside we had tiny boxes of raisins, silly band rings, rings with a tiny stamp on the top, tiny markers, and mini packages of Whoppers candies.

I also got out my stash of party streamers and went to town hanging them from a large evergreen tree at the side of the house. I got to use up quite a bit of the streamers, which is great since this is probably the last big party I’ll be planning for a while.

To hang the streamers I simply wound them around the branches of the tree. The prickly needles helped hold them there. I also added in a pom-pom streamer and a punched paper streamer that I had made before for other occasions. I loved the way this turned out. The streamers blew in the breeze and created quite a festive look.

Our first activity right when the kids arrived was to get their faces (or hands) painted. I painted tiny hearts, flowers, puppies, kites etc. Then they headed off to the craft table where they decorated some mini notebooks I had made. I got this idea from Tara Anderson, who shared them on her blog here. I followed the dimensions Tara gave and let the kids decorate the front with all kinds of tiny things I got from my scrapbook stash.

There were buttons, tiny chipboard pieces, paper letters, stickers, foam stars, flowers, etc. Some of the kids could have stayed there for hours just decorating their little notebooks.

I had the craft “table” set up right next to the streamers tree. The table was made by setting an unfolded folding table on top of some large decorative containers (which I also found at Goodwill a long time ago). That made it low to the ground so the kids could just kneel in the grass beside the table.

My two sons were a great big help setting things up for the party. They helped set up the games and decorations and whatever else I needed them to do. Thanks boys!
Here Nathaniel is setting up the mini doughnut game. More on that in a bit.

And Isaiah is testing it out.

The birthday girl getting her face painted. It was really bright (and really hot), hence the sunglasses.

The birthday girl all excited for the party to begin!

More face painting. Sweet Chrissy this time.

Chloe and Emma having fun decorating their little notebooks.

Some of the girls eying up the doughnut game.

We strung a string from a tree to a deck post and hung the doughnuts from the string. The kids had to get on their knees and eat the mini doughnuts without using their hands. Hillarious!

Some other games we played were:

grab the clothespin: kids each had a clothespin pinned on their back. They had to grab the clothespins off each others’ backs without losing their own. The last one left with a clothespin was the winner.

hot potato: a teeny tiny gift wrapped in layers and layers of paper. Kids passed it around the circle and when the whistle blew the child holding it got to unwrap a layer. We made sure each child got a turn to unwrap. The child that unwrapped the last layer got to keep the gift inside: a tiny bottle of bubble blow.

back-to-back balloon pop: The kids paired up and stood back to back with their partner. A blown up water balloon (without water) was placed between their backs. The first team to pop the balloon was the winner. We had a lot more balloons blown up than we needed so we dumped them all out and let the kids stomp on them. Kids love to stomp on balloons for some reason. We used a tire pump to blow up all the balloons since water balloons are really difficult to blow up by mouth.

pinata: we couldn’t find any tiny ones except for some dump trucks so Chloe picked out a giant Hello Kitty one. Pinatas are always a hit.

After we played games and unwrapped gifts it was time for lunch. We let the kids have some free play time while we prepared the lunch.

We had:
Lil’ smokies in BBQ sauce
-mini hamburger sliders on tiny buns complete with the fixings
-mini fruit kebabs
-veggie cups with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and a tiny slice of celery
-a selection of tiny treats we found such as mini club crackers, mini Oreos, mini Ritz bits with cheese, and tiny pretzels.
-tiny sweets like mini gummi bears, mini non-pareils, and mini m&m’s
– six tiny birthday cakes with little pennants, pinwheels and flags as decorations
-mini cupcakes
-ice cream served in tiny cups

The girls could hardly wait to dig into all that tiny food!

A closer look at some of the cakes. Some of the girls asked to take the tiny pinwheels and other decorations home with them and I was happy to oblige. I wasn’t planning on using them again anyway.

The kids and I had fun preparing for our teeny tiny party and I’m pretty sure the party guests had a great time as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how little I spent on this party. Especially since I used a lot of items I already had, but also because everything was small and didn’t cost as much, like the party favors.

If any of you have any questions at all about how I did/made anything, please feel free to ask.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “teeny tiny party= great big fun!

  1. Patti Beachy says:

    Oh my gosh, Brenda, this is so you – love it! I bet Chloe will remember this party for years to come. How cute – you truly are creative and an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Claudia says:

    Beautiful party! I’m thinking of this theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday… I have two older kids who love how tiny their baby sister is. 🙂 How did you make the little pinwheels?

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