Journaling Bible- He Satisfies


Hey guys! I made this Bible journaling page yesterday when I should have been painting my daughter’s room (haha!). So, I thought I’d get right on it and share it with you all today. At least my procrastination ended up being beneficial in some way, right?

I wanted to use some white lettering with a bright colored background, so I chose to emboss my stamped letters with white embossing powder before applying the color. The embossing acts as a resist for the watercolors.


I really wanted to use some saturated color on this page, so I pulled out my gelatos and had fun applying some bright pinks.

The secret to using gelatos is to to use a heavy hand, and apply them pretty thickly. Then use a small amount of water and a large brush to blend them together. Gelatos are great for using on the thin Bible pages, because you can get by with using such a small amount of water. I wet my brush, get as much water out as I can on the edge of my water jar, then blot more water out of my brush with my fingers before brushing over the gelatos.

My gelatos are a bit streaky, but I’m ok with that. That’s mostly because of how I applied them in an up and down motion. If you prefer less streaks, you could apply them in a circular motion instead.

The verse I chose to highlight this time is Psalm 107:9. For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. 



When I mediated on this verse and some of other verses in this chapter, the song Healer by Kari Jobe came to mind.

He satisfies the thirsty. He is all I need. He is the answer for every longing and desire of my heart. All I could ever want or desire can be found in. He fills the hungry with good things. He is more than enough. Everything that comes from His hand is good.

Even when I’m going through a tough time. Even when life doesn’t make sense. Even when it hurts so bad. I want to be able to say that I trust Him. That I trust that He is still good. That I trust that He is still my portion. And that He still satisfies.

The images I’ve seen on Facebook this past week of the Christian men who were recently beheaded by ISIS came to mind. I didn’t watch the videos. I don’t want those images into my mind, and I don’t have to watch the videos to know what happened.

But the faces of those brave, courageous brothers came to my mind. I want that kind of faith and trust. That even faced with a violent death I will be convinced that my Lord is enough. That He is still my portion. And that I trust Him with the outcome. When I have nothing else at all but the Lord, I want to be able to say that He is still enough. He still satisfies.

Am I there yet? No. Not even close. I still try to find satisfaction in other things. I still so easily forget that in Him is where all the longings and desires of my heart find their fulfillment. I get so easily distressed when things don’t go my way. I’m so quick to turn and say “Why God?”, when I go through a valley. But I want to get to the place where He is really all I need. I don’t need to be comfortable, I need Jesus. I don’t need an easy life, I need Him. I don’t need everything to go my way, I need Him.


I used some flower cut-outs that I’ve had for a while. They are by Kim Stewart and you can find them here, if you’d like to purchase them for yourself. The black glitter letters are some old ones from Pink Paislee that I’ve had for a while. The cork pieces are from Gossamer Blue. The vellum arrow is from Crate Paper’s Kiss Kiss line in the ephemera pack.


Then I outlined my letters and made some black polka dots with a marker and added my cork embellishments.  I love how the cork looks with the bright pink. Be sure that your gelatos are completely dry before adding the rest of your embellishments. I hit mine with my heat gun to speed up the process.


He. He is enough. He is the answer. He is my heart’s desire. He is everything. He satisfies.

Drop me a line in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this verse or this Bible journaling page, hear any questions you may have, or anything else you’d like to say.

Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Think of me slaving away with a paintbrush in my hand and paint in my hair, OK? And if you feel inclined to come over and help, you can do that too! I won’t turn you away. And I may even feed you cookies! 



2 thoughts on “Journaling Bible- He Satisfies

  1. Kim says:

    I just found you and now you are on my favorite bookmarks bar– I love the idea of journaling in the bible but I do not have the side space you do but this inspires me to maybe do a mini quote book from scripture. You do beautiful work and your words are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

    • sweetpapertreats says:


      Thank you so much! I’m so happy to have you along on the journey and am so excited that you are finding ways to make the scriptures come alive for you. I love the idea of a mini quote book!

      Hugs and blessings! Brenda

      On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 2:01 PM, Sweet Paper Treats wrote:


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