Weekend project- Lego table

lego table

I thought it would be fun to share some crafty projects besides paper crafting every once in a while. While paper crafting remains my craft of choice, I often have other projects in the works as well. And if not in the works, then certainly in my head. Seems I always have more ideas than time.

I’d like to share more of what I call “weekend projects” here on Sweet Paper Treats. I’m not sure if it will end up becoming a regular scheduled thing or not, but my goal is to share fairly simple projects (home decor, etc.) that can easily be created in a weekend, or even just a few hours.

This project took me quite a bit longer than just a weekend, but that is because I did it in very small chunks of time. A few minutes here, a few minutes there. If you gather all your items beforehand, there is no reason this project could not be completed in a day.

My second son is really into legos in a big way. After I stepped on one too many legos spread all over his bedroom floor, I decided that he really needed a lego play table where he could place his completed projects and projects in progress. I knew I wanted to use a coffee table versus the regular lego play tables you can purchase, for  number of reasons. One: they can be a little expensive. Two: they are not always very attractive. Three: I wanted him to be able to clear it off and have a smooth play surface for other toys.

Here’s what I started off with:

014I found this table at a local used furniture store for about $20. I really was hoping I’d be able to find one with at least one drawer in it to keep lego instruction books inside. I liked the shape of the legs on this one, it was nice and sturdy, and the size was good.

I didn’t take any photos of the work in progress (sorry, I will for my next project), but I decided to cover the entire thing with glossy, cherry-red spray paint. I don’t usually do red. It’s not my favorite color, but it’s my son’s favorite color, so red it was!

I also hit up a local fabrics shop and found pale grey felt that you could purchase by the yard. Perfect! I cut the felt to slightly larger than the table top to manage it better, because I bought entirely too much felt. Anyone know what else I could do with grey felt? Ah, I’ll think of something. Eventually.

I also purchased a can of this adhesive:


I bought it at Lowe’s. I was a little leery about how it would work, but let me tell you, this stuff is the bomb!

After I covered the table with several coats of spray paint, I taped off the edges. Then I adhered the felt to the table top by beginning at one end of the table and spraying on the adhesive in sections several inches wide and the width of the table. I folded the felt over onto itself (rolling it up would work just as well) and began adhering it to the table, smoothing it down and spraying more adhesive as i went. I did a little adhesive at a time because I was afraid it would make a big mess to have the entire table sprayed with adhesive at once because this stuff is really tacky, and once you got something glued down with it, it’s down for good!

Once the felt was in place and dry, which was almost instantly, I cut the edges away with a scissors. There’s probably a better way to do it, since my edges didn’t get as clean and straight as I would have liked. Here’s when I thought a really sharp carpet knife or something similar may have come in handy. I’m pretty sure we have one of those somewhere, but all my searches ended in vain. I was also thinking that it would work better with a table with less rounded, straighter edges. Then you could simply turn the table upside down and cut the excess felt away. I couldn’t do that because of the way my table was shaped. But all in all, it didn’t turn out that badly.



At first I contemplated just gluing some lego building mats down directly onto the table itself. But I didn’t like the idea of the building plates becoming a permanent part of the table. Plus, I wanted Isaiah to be able to move the building plates around if he wished, or even removing them altogether to use the table for other play things. So I bought some of the command removable velcro type strips and placed them on the bottom of each lego building plate. The velcro grips the felt quite nicely. Almost too well. Maybe a couple pieces of good old sewing velcro would work just as well, or better. The nice thing about the Command strips is that they can easily be removed later without damaging the lego plates.  I’m happy that the plates stay in place so well and don’t move around at all while the kids are playing.



For now we keep all his extra legos in a rubbermaid container that fits nicely underneath the table. I’ve thought about getting a more attractive container to house them, but for now it’s working well.

It’s been a big hit. Isaiah loves his table and I have a spot to put the occasional stray legos I still find laying around.069This projects is fairly easy, requires only a few supplies, and takes a relatively small amount of time to complete. It would make a great gift for that little lego enthusiast that you know.

If you love this project and make a version of your own, I’d love to see it. Share it in the comment section, on the Sweet Paper Treats facebook page, or email a photo to me.

I love hearing from you! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you’re having a fab weekend!



5 thoughts on “Weekend project- Lego table

  1. Virginia Lu says:

    What an awesome project, Brenda!! GREAT job on turning a $20 table into something so unique and fun for Lego! We always run out of room for displaying Lego (our friends dubbed our basement as Legoland)…yours is such a treat to see!

  2. Sue Bishop says:

    Hi Brenda:

    I love this idea! I have a table that would be perfect, and I am thinking I could use this at my home for the grandchildren. I was also thinking – your grey felt would be perfect for Elephants, or Hippos!


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