Scrappy Saturday- favorite moments


That daughter of mine just loves to be around babies. She’s always been that way. If I had a dollar for every time she’s asked for a baby sibling I’d be pretty wealthy by now. She’s already got her future family pretty much all planned out. She wants two boys and two girls. One day I kiddingly asked her if she wanted 12 babies and she laughed and said “No way! That’s too many weddings!”. So, not only has she thought about her future kids, but she’s also thought about their futures too. I liked babies when I was a kid too, but I’m pretty sure I never thought that far into the future. I mean, this girl wants to have a profession that includes kids. She’s talked about either being a teacher or an NICU nurse. But she also wants to be a mom more than anything.

I guess she gets her love of babies from both parents. Eric and I both love babies and small children. When I come across a photo of an adorable baby I always share it with her, and we giggle and saw “aww” together. Can’t help it. Babies are just so stinkin’ cute!!

She’s blessed to have some younger cousins to spoil right now. If they let her. They’re at the age where they’re just beginning to experience some independence, so they don’t always appreciate being picked up and carried. But she is in her element when they let her. She has a baby cousin right now that she just adores being able to help take care of. But we don’t get to see him often since his family lives in the south. She’s counting on her aunts to have a few more babies for her to enjoy. C’mon aunts!! :)


I made this page to document her love of spending time with the tiny people in her life. Especially her little cousins, Daisy and Haven. Such cuties!

003My favorite part of this page is the Studio Calico vellum die cuts along the left side. These die cuts came with various Studio Calico kits and I struggled with knowing what to do with them. Then I came up with the idea to use them all on the same page. I stitched them down with my sewing machine and added some silver paint splatters. I love how it turned out, and it was a great way to use them all up.

Everything on this page is from various Studio Calico kits with the exception of the small chipboard hearts, the gray ribbon, and the shipping tag.

So whatcha doing today? The boys in our family are away today, so that girl of mine and I plan to do a few chores and then head off to do something fun together. I’m sure it will involve a stop at Barnes and Noble.

Hope your day is lovely!



Watercolor series: layers

059So, let’s get back to the water color series, shall we? If you’ve just found my blog recently and haven’t read the other posts in this series, you can find them here:

Water color scrapbook page: Instagram favorites

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this one wasn’t part of the series, but if you like the watercolor look you might want to check it out anyway

watercolor dream decor frame

For today’s page I used brushed on my watercolors, much like I did on the Instagram page I did, but I used a lot more layers. Let me explain.

First, I brushed on the pale yellow. Then, when it was dry I dropped on dots of pink and a little black. But while the pink and black were still wet I spritzed it with more water which made the colors feather out and create a really neat effect. When that was completely dry I dropped on more yellow drops.




to make drops of watercolors, I simply load up a round brush with as much water and paint as it will hold and then drop it off the end of the brush. The bigger the brush, the bigger the blobs of paint.

The flower tag was the starting point for this entire page. I planned the colors and layout and everything else around it. Do you ever do that?

057I chose to add a few sequins in a neutral tone to coordinate with the pale yellow. I like how they add just a tiny bit of shimmer and dimension and also kind of echo the splotches of paint.

So, I was thinking this would be my last post in the watercolor series, but I just found some little tags that I was playing around with a while back that i had forgotten all about. They were used to experiment with different painted watercolor patterns. If you’re not tired of the watercolor series yet, maybe I’ll post those too. What do you think?

Hope your day is beautiful! thanks for stopping by!


watercolor series- two techniques in one!

PicMonkey Collage

It’s a two-fer this time around! We’re going to take a look at two watercolor techniques today in the watercolor series. If you missed the first posts in this series, check out the links below.

Color Outside the Lines
Just Brush it On


I made a scrapbook page this time because even though I often think to do watercoloring on my cards and not so much my scrapbook pages, I wanted to show you how easy it is to incorporate techniques such as these into other paper crafting projects as well as cards.

I LOVE to put drops of mist or paint onto my pages, and lots of times my pages don’t feel quite complete until I’ve added those fun drips of color. You can do the same with some watercolors and a brush, and the good part about that is the fact that watercolors usually come in a package with lots of colors. so instead of buying each little individual bottle of mist in every color, you get lots of colors all at once for a fraction of the price! I used some cool blues here.


I used a pretty large, round brush and loaded it up liberally with water and lots of paint and then flecked it onto my page. If you use enough water ou can get it to drip off the end of the brush in nice, large blobs.

The other technique I used is making a photo mat by brushing on some color. I used grey in the area I wanted to place my photo collage and then placed the collage on top when it was dry.


Almost everything I used on this page was from various Studio Calico kits. The one thing that wasn’t from my kits is that little “love” speech bubble die cut. I made that from my new Silhouette Cameo! I got it a few weeks ago and I Loooove it!! If you’re looking to buy one, I recommend Look for a coupon. I got my Cameo for $188 (with a 20% off coupon). That is by far the best price I’ve seen anywhere!

I made the collage from some of my Instagram photos of things I really love right now. These little photos of my happy things brings a smile to my face! What I love about Instagram is that I can take photos and post them anytime, anywhere. That means I get little snippets of my life saved to enjoy later. I find I’m capturing more of the things that I really love, and that makes me happy!

Before I go, let me remind you that if you haven’t voted yet in the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol challenge, I hope you will! Go here to the contest page and register, then go here and VOTE FOR ME!! Thanks a million!

As always, thanks for stopping by! You always brighten my day!

a little scrapbooking, a lot of gratitude.

It has been a crazy day so far. One of the craziest I’ve had in a long time. And I am SO tired! Stayed out late with some girl friends last night. Paying for it today, but it was worth it.

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you the page I finished a few days ago. I used products entirely from my Studio Calico kits on this page.

This summer some friends of ours invited us out with them for an evening on their boat. The boys had such a great time learning how to wake board. They were naturals at it and took to it almost immediately. They said it was the most fun EVER!!

My friend, Yvonne, took this photo of Isaiah on the wake board and had it printed out for me. She’s a sweetheart! She even had extras made for the boys and dropped them off with them at school one day when she happened to be there. It made their day, so Yvonne, if you’re reading this, thank you! You are a gem!

I tried a different kind of stitching on this page. I used long stitches to accent my hand cut paper. I like the mod look and sense of movement it adds to the page. And there are those enamel dots again. I think I have found a new favorite embellishment! Seriously, they are so easy to stick just about anywhere and add just the perfect tiny touch of color. LOVE them!!

The wooden hexagon shapes didn’t come with my kits, but they’re also from Studio Calico. Those are another really fun embellishment. I’m always looking for embellishments that are great for masculine pages or can go either way, and both the wooden shapes and the enamel dots fit the bill quite nicely.

And a few splashes of blue mist finish it off.

So yeah, my day has been really, really crazy so far. One of the most trying I’ve had in a while, but also one of the best. In the midst of it all God was teaching me things. Showing me things. And I got overwhelmed by the goodness of God. And I thought about how even though my day was crazy, there were so many blessings to be thankful for in just this day alone.

I was momentarily planning to try to take a thankful photo-a-day challenge on Instagram, but after some thought I realized it wasn’t going to happen this month. Not without adding unnecessary stress to my life. So I decided to let it go for another time. I’d still love to try a challenge like that sometime, but for now I thought I’d share some things this month that I am grateful for and the ways that God has been blessing me. So here is my list for today.

1. A good report back from the Dr. today. The heart flutters I’ve been having are not serious. They’re just what my Dr. called an extra beat. Whatever that means. But I’m fine. Thank you, God!

2. We got some exciting house news! Nothing’s final yet, but if all goes as planned we should be house owners in a few short weeks! Yay!

3. 3 cards picked for publication yesterday. I’m always happy about that, and yes, it happened yesterday, but I’m still thankful about it today too.

4. A nice Etsy sale went through yesterday. That’s exciting because it was for a larger priced item that I wasn’t sure how well would sell.  Having the first one sell so quickly was such a boost!

5. The really wonderful guys at my local office store who helped me through some shipping dilemmas today. They were really great! If any of you locals need a great place to go, the guys at JDM office store (in Myerstown) were  super nice and helpful!

6. Along with #5 was an answer to prayer. I’m still glowing over how it all worked out. God knows our needs and cares about the details of our lives!

7. Girl’s night out. Everyone needs a little break from time to time, and sharing appetizers and drinks with friends was so needed. Plus, I got to make two new friends!

8. God teaching me things. It’s not ever easy and sometimes it’s not pretty. But I’m thankful God loves me just the way I am, but too much to leave me that way. He’s a gentle teacher, but He sure knows how to get right to it!

9. My wonderful husband. Even when I’m spazzing out, he holds me close and dries my tears. And babe, if you’re reading this, thanks for being my rock! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

10. My kids. Love them more all the time. Excited that I get to just hang out with them this weekend. Eric’s away, so the kids and I have some fun things planned to make the time pass more quickly. We’re going to go out for breakfast, shop for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes, and have a movie night together.

11. Wonderful people who share in our joy. Joy is magnified when you get to share it with people you love.

12. Unexpected generous gifts from friends. Thank you, friends!

And the day isn’t over yet! As I thought over all these things today and began to list some things I am thankful for today I was just so overwhelmed with the goodness of God in my life! No, life isn’t always nice. Or easy. It’s messy sometimes. And it hurts sometimes. But even then I can see God’s hand at work. Even then He allows me to catch a glimpse of His immense and expansive love for His children. I wept on my card ride home today, because I felt this so strongly. I sensed Him at work so much in the happenings of my day.

And I can’t wait to see what kinds of blessings tomorrow will bring!

Thanks Dad- A Market Street Stamps scrapbook page

Hey there! How ya doin’?

I’m sharing over on the Market Street Stamps blog today. I’m sharing this scrapbook page.

Head on over to the MSS blog for more photos and details on this page.

I know I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog front. That was not intentional, I promise. I’ve been working hard at making things to sell at a local shop called Junk to Jazz. They offer hand made gifts, decor, etc that have all been made from repurposed items. I visited the shop a few months ago and fell in love with it. You all know, I’m sure, how I love to repurpose and reuse things, so this was right up my alley! The store owner said I could bring some of my items over to sell, but I just got so busy with other things over the summer months and just kind of set it aside for a while. But I’ve been working on some book page wreaths and garlands to sell, as well as journals made from old book covers.



I’m most likely going to have my Etsy shop featured in a local magazine in a few months, so right now I’m working at getting my shop looking more substantial (it looks pretty sad right now) in preparation for that and the upcoming holiday season.

Speaking of my Etsy shop, would any of you be interested in seeing me offer some paper crafting kits like I’ve done in the past? Like this one or this one? I’ve been thinking of putting some together if there is enough interest. I’ve got lots of ideas, just need more time to implement them.

So, what are you up to today. Oh my. If you only knew how often I had to retype the word “today” to get it right. I think I needs me some coffee!

Hope your day is fantastic! Thanks for dropping by and spending some of it with me!


Typical first born

Hey, sweeties! How are you!

Goodness, how’s that for sporadic? Last week I blogged nearly every day, and this week so far, not once. Unless you count now.

My kids are outside right now trying to earn a few bucks with a lemonade and fresh baked cookies stand.  They were all set to go yesterday when a storm kicked up, so they had to postpone it. Bummer, because today isn’t the sunniest of days. Not the kind that makes you all hot and sweaty and hankering for a nice, tall cup of cold lemonade. Oh well. I think they made $9 so far, and I’m pretty sure they’ll try it again another day. The cookies seemed to be a big hit. I did take photos, but my oldest told me “do NOT put those on facebook!”. He didn’t say anything about my blog, but I’m assuming he meant that as well. So, I will respect his wishes and kindly refrain from posting any photos anywhere of my adorable kids and their adorable lemonade stand. You’ll just have to imagine it instead!

Speaking of my oldest, I have a scrapbook page to share that I did yesterday.


I don’t put a lot of stock in the whole birth order thing, although I do think there is something to where we fall in line in the birth order that does affect our personality and outlook on life. I think probably most people probably see some birth order traits in themselves. I say I don’t put much stock in it because I don’t want to put anyone in a box. There are so many variables and lots of exceptions to the rules and I don’t want to label my kids too much and expect them to act a certain way just because of where they fall in the birth order.

However, my son is such a typical first born! Leadership skills. Check. Organized. Check. Responsible. Check. Eager to please. Check. I mean, if you read the traits of a typical first born, it describes him to a T.

Journaling reads: Born leader. Organized. determined. Responsible. Reliable. Eager to Please. All great qualities to have, my son. I’m so proud of you!

I used quite a bit of Studio Calico in this layout. I got the entire collection pack of papers from the Abroad line because I love it so much.

I made this page for a contest they’re holding at a crop I’m attending on Saturday. Perhaps I should have waited to share, since I don’t know if anyone who will be there will be reading this or not.  But since I didn’t have anything else worth blogging, well, I’m sharing it anyway.

This layout is based on this sketch by Valerie Salmon.

also used:
patterned paper: Stampin’ Up! (discontinued)
rub-ons: Kaisercraft (Secret Bird Society collection)

streeeeeetch your scraps

So the other day I took some time to scrapbook. Just for me. No assignments. No deadlines. Just for the fun of it. It was therapeudic. Even though the pages I completed weren’t my best work ever and certainly not magazine worthy, I had a great time and it felt good to get a few done.

I thought I’d share one of them here with you today. Do you have lots of little scraps lying around on your table? Are you like me that you can hardly bear to throw any of them out because you can still see some usefulness in them? I think most crafters are the same. They love their papers to bits. And bits and bits. And even smaller bits.

I have this little container setting on my desk that catches all my tiny strips of paper.

I often use strips like this to stamp my sentiments on when making cards. But some of them have been tucked in there just because I think they’re fun, like that pink piece with the circles punched out. I didn’t throw it away because I thought it would be fun to add it to a project just as it is sometime. Just to be quirky. I admit, I may have a slight problem with parting with my scraps. But, to be fair, my scraps are very well organized and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this little container of scraps has come in handy.

So the other day when I sat down to scrapbook I stared at that container of scraps, noted how full it was getting, and decided to see if I could challenge myself to use nothing but those scraps to make a page. Could it be done? I love a challenge, especially one I give myself. So, once the challenge was issued, there was just no turning back!

I began with some old photos I’ve had on my desk for a while waiting to be scrapped. I had tried scrapbooking these photos before, but I just couldn’t come up with something I liked. I started pulling out some scraps that I thought would go well with the photos.

I noticed my son’s birthday cake had confetti decorations along the bottom, so I took my queue from that. Confetti is great for conveying a party theme. Plus, making confetti requires punching small bits of paper. Small bits, you say? I can do small bits!! Yes indeed! Small scraps are perfect for punching small shapes. A fabulous way to use them up, I say!

And so it was done! The only other thing I added was some alphabet stickers to spell out my title. I also punched some holes right into my page. It might be hard to tell which ones they are, but I thought it added an element of fun to the page.

So, what do you think? Think you could make a page entirely out of tiny scraps! Are you up for the challenge? If you do, I hope you’ll tell me about it! I’d love to see what you come up with!

I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow when I’ll be announcing this month’s reader of the month!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

May Market Fresh Kit {Daydreaming} sneak peeks!- the pages

Goodness, seems like a month just flies by, doesn’t it?  It’s time again for another round of sneaks of the latest Market Fresh Kit from Market Street Stamps.

This month’s kit is so beautiful. Full of soft colors, pretty patterns, dainty embellishments. The stuff a paper crafter’s  day dreams are made of.  I pretty much gasped out loud when I saw this kit. I’m not kidding. It’s just simply gorgeous!!

Let’s get on with the pages, shall we?

Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle:

These photos are some of my favorite recent ones of Chloe taken one day while she and I went to the park together.  She just had fun being my little model, pausing every once in a while to let me snap a photo and adding her own pose suggestions along the way.  When I saw these photos on my screen my heart stood still.  She’s growing up into such a beautiful young woman and it’s almost like watching a butterfly unfurl it’s wings just before taking flight for the first time.  I will probably add some journaling to this somewhere once I decide just how to adequately put my thoughts into words.

I love that the kits includes two different alphabet stickers sets.  These are so great for mixing together for interesting page titles.  Aren’t these colors so….well, dreamy?

And see that pretty gold glitter ribbon?  You get an entire roll of it!! It’s so soft and pretty too.  And gold and glitter are so trendy right now.  I use mine just like I would have used a piece of washi tape.

Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party:

The colors in this kit are so prefect for spring, so I made this page using a photo I took of some pretty flowering trees a couple of months ago.  I’ve been wanting to try a confetti pocket for a while now and thought it would make a great addition to this page. I cut out a circle from my background, layered some acetate behind it with a piece of card stock behind the acetate. Sandwiched in between are little punched pieces of patterned paper.  I finished it all off by sewing around the edges of the circle to hold everything in place.

Here’s a look at the confetti.

I printed the photo out onto textured card stock instead of photo paper.  It makes it look a little like a canvas.


I used lots of neutrals on this one to allow the photos to be the star of the show.  Photos of Chloe taken a year or two ago playing with chalks in her favorite little pink hat.

That butterfly stamp comes in both a solid and an outline image, giving you lots of possibilities.  I stamped mine on vellum and cut them out before adding them to my page.

This kit is a dream to work with (pun intended).  The colors and patterns are so me!! I had such fun with it!

Please don’t forget to take a look at what Stephanie and Jinny have created with this kit too.

Stay tuned for more kit sneaks! Tomorrow we’ll be revealing the cards and Thursday is full reveal night.  I’ll be back soon! In the meantime, I;d love to hear what you think of this kit so far.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


I’ve been busy this week preparing for my son’s birthday party this weekend, but I wanted to pop in real quick and share this page I whipped together yesterday.

I’ve been hoarding this older, flowered, Studio Calico paper for a while now and figured now would be a great time to use it.  I don’t normally use an entire sheet of patterned paper for the background of my pages, especially one with such a bold pattern.  I tend to use busy patterns in smaller amounts.  But I’ve seen a resurgence of patterned papers being used as a background lately and thought it would be fun for a change.  I toned down the area I wanted my photo to be with white acrylic paint that I scraped on using a credit card-like scraper tool.    I left lots of white space.  Because I like white space.

From there I layered on a bunch of stuff from various places.  A few pieces of paper left over from my last Market Fresh Kit, a couple of new items in my shop, and a sneak peek at another new item that I plan to put in the shop very soon.

I had no plan when I began this page, but just started playing around and went wherever inspiration led.  It’s a super quick, messy and fun way to scrapbook.  I love to see what happens when I’m not thinking too hard about what I want the end results to look like.  It results in a much more random and messy look.  At least for me.  But I like it.

The doily journaling card is a new item in the shop and the tiny camera embellishment is an item I will be putting up soon.  Hopefully later today or tomorrow.  I’d like just a few more days in this week, please.  I’ve been consumed with party plans and I’m really just ready for it to be over now at this point.

How do you like your backgrounds?  Plain card stock? Busy patterns?  Some of both?

Thanks so much for stopping by!