5 on the 5th…..umm, 6th!


So, I began the 5 on the 5th feature last month where I post 5 things about me, or about something interesting (I hope). I know yesterday was the 5th, but it was a busy weekend with all the July 4th celebrations and everything. We had a party with friends one evening and a family reunion all day yesterday, so I decided to push it off one day. Plus, I figured you all were busy too, and you probably wouldn’t mind a bit.

5 Things I very rarely use in my paper crafting projects.

#1. Ribbon. Just too bulky, I guess. I went through a phase when I thought I had to BUY ALL THE RIBBON! But as I realized I just don’t use it much, I’ve gotten rid of a lot and just kept what I really love for those random craft projects.

#2. Brads. Those had their time, I guess. But I still like them and there are still some really cute ones out there. I really should use them more. It’s just not something I tend to reach for very quickly. They also are pretty bulky, and I often don’t use the bulky items as much.

#3. Washi tape. Here’s the thing…I LOVE washi tape!! I have quite a collection. Doesn’t every paper crafter? I love to see all those cute little rolls of fun patterns and find them so hard to resist. But I think that’s where the infatuation ends. Truth: I use it more in my kitchen than I do for paper crafting.

#4. Colored stamped line art images. I’m a lazy stamper, I guess. I prefer to stamp my images and just be done. I guess I don’t have a lot of patience for tedious coloring. Just like I don’t have patience for cross stitch, or anything tedious and time consuming like that. If my images are colored, they’re probably water colored. I don’t use my markers for coloring much, although the Zig Clean Color markers are calling my name. Those actually look like something I would use. I just don’t think I’ll ever be a Copic marker artist, but I love seeing what people do with them.

#4. Punches and dies. I think this is just a case of out of sight, out of mind, because I still like punches and dies sometimes. I just forget to use them. I did get rid of a lot recently, like those decorative edge punches that were all the rage several years ago. But now that I’ve gotten rid of them, someone is bound to come along and do something spectacular with them and make me¬†regret it! Because isn’t that usually how it goes?

So, after I compiled this list, I wondered if I could make a card using some of these items I just mentioned. So, I dug out the unloved things and made this:



I used everything on my list except for punches. But i used two brads, so that should count for something, right?

I realized 1. I do still really like brads, 2.maybe I could use ribbon as long as it’s flat like this (no bows), 3. I do like washi tape and really need to use it more, 4. even though I love the look of colored images, I still prefer ones that need no coloring.

How about you? Are there some craft supplies that you never seem to use, even though you may have loved it once, or thought you might?

I’d love to hear about it!


Gossamer Blue July reveal!

Aahhh! July! That time when we realize that one whole month of summer vacation is already come and gone and there’s just still so much summering yet to be done! There’s Independence celebrations and fireworks, picnics with friends, a pool beckoning, or maybe the beach. There are vacations to take and road trips to embark on. You know that with all those summer photos you’ll be taking of all your awesome excursions, you’ll need some awesome scrapbooking supplies to use to document your fabulous memories.

You’re in luck, because the Gossamer Blue July kits are just perfect for that very thing!

Here are the projects I created for reveal with the July kits.

let’s do this card (Main kit):


I created this fun card to send to a friend who might love coffee as much as I do. Coffee dates with a good friend are the best, don’t you agree? I can think of a few people I’d like to send a card like this to right now!

Created with Main Kit supplies only. I love the exclusive coffee stamp and the book of stickers from Shimelle.

Sun shine Fun time page (Main kit and Bits & Pieces kit:


The exclusive cut files are such fun! I need to use them some more. I love the Evalicious stickers and embellishments so much!

Photos from a beach trip from a past summer. Destination stamp is from the Main kit stamp set.


Always choose the adventure card (Life Pages kit):


I love, no I adore, the stamp set in the Life Pages kit this month!! It’s worth getting the kit, just for the stamp! Seriously! Just look at that cute little travel trailer. Gah!! Plus, there are so many fun phrases in this set. You should get it!!

Permit to drive page (Main kit, add-on #2, Bits & Pieces kit, Life Pages themed add-on):



I took the liberty to use lots of the travel themed embellishments in the kits on this page. I still need to add my thoughts about my oldest child learning to drive. I plan to add my journaling to the travel log spot. That journaling card was clashing with the other colors on my page, so I changed the color a bit by adding a strip of vellum along the top to tone down the bright shade of green.

I also really love the gold state embellishments this time. I’m trying to figure out how I can use all of them.


The add-on kit #2 includes those fantastic large black alphabet stickers. I really love them! I thought they were perfect for this page, since they remind me of the font on road signs. I love that the smaller alphabet is so similar too. They are perfect to use together.

That’s what I have to share for now. I have a few more projects using the July kits that I’ll show you throughout the month. So I hope you’ll stop by again for more July kit inspiration.







This is my beautiful girl!

She is headstrong and stubborn. She is compassionate and sensitive. She is independent and smart. She’s cute and funny. She is doing so well at playing the violin. She still adores babies, small children, and small animals. She is both frustrating and lovable. The smattering of freckles across her little nose makes me melt.

I think she brings out the best in me and the worst in me. Kids tend to do that, don’t they? She can make me want to pull my hair out sometimes, but then she’ll smile at me and wrinkle up her nose and her eyes twinkle and I am undone. When I curl up beside her on her bed at bedtime to chat and say prayers, I can’t believe I’m so blessed to call her mine. We have the best talks then, about all kinds of stuff. The mother/daughter bond between us is strong. I pray it stays that way.


This page uses the June kits from Gossamer Blue. They are pretty and flowery and fun, so perfect for a little girl! I sewed quite a few of the tiniest embellishments along the top of my page. There were so many tiny cute embellishments in the ephemera packages that just begged to be used up.


I painted the chipboard “C” with some acrylic paint to match the patterned paper. I love how versatile that chipboard alphabet is. I’ve seen lots of people stitching these, and that looks so cute that I may have to try it.

This is the last project I made using the June kits. I finally have dismantled all of them and separated them out. I had such fun with them, but there’s SO much more to come! Tomorrow is the reveal for the July kits, and you will love those too, I’m sure.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


sneaks and such



So, it’s nearly time for some new kit releases from Gossamer Blue! Yay!

These kits are great for all the travel themed projects you might have on your list, but there’s plenty there for non-travel projects too. I’ve been having fun with these. I made several projects so far with plans for more. Here’s a sneak of the ones I’ve been working on.

Also, I forgot to mention that I was up on the Gossamer Blue blog last week sharing some ideas for ways to dress up the Dear Lizzy notecards that came in the June Bits & pieces kit. You can see one example below and you can read that entire post here.


I’ve got one more June kit project to share with you before we move on to the July kits. Stay tuned, there’s so much to share!

Lookin’ Good, good lookin’!


This is my boy. The same one in the page I shared yesterday. Isn’t he handsome? This boy has grown so. stinking. much over the past year!! A year ago he was trying hard to pass me up in height. Now he is proud to be able to look down on me. He is 13 1/2 and so quickly turning into a man that it scares me.

This is the kid that has the great sense of humor. The one that keeps up laughing, although the childish, silly humor is fading, and a more mature sense of humor is taking it’s place. This boy rocks the Rubik’s Cube and playing the piano.


It’s this boy, who always hated dressing up, who is now asking my opinion on what he should wear and what goes together, and chooses the button down shirts for church on his own, without any nagging or prompting on our part to “pick something a little nicer”.

While watching a TV series on WW2 with his dad that, unfortunately, included some bad language, his dad turned to him and asked if he’s be able to ignore those words. This boy responded emphatically “Yes, dad. I don’t swear!”

I love this kid!


I’m almost done sharing my June kit pages. I have one more that I’ll share with you next week. This one was made using supplies from the Main kit, Life Pages kit, Main add-on, Add-on kit #2, and the Life Pages themed add-on

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend. Mine will include a photo shoot, having friends over, and a picnic with our church family.

Let the good times roll!


I’m back with another page from the June kit. I’m trying to squeeze them all in before the end of the month without overwhelming you! Ha!

This one is another 81/2″ x 11″ page that will go in my album. This page was SO hard to photograph! I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the foil elements, or maybe the shade of blue background paper. I had the hardest time getting the colors to come out right and everything to look sharp.

This is another favorite ocean picture of two of my kids. I love this photo of my son holding his boogie board in the surf. I think it’s because it reminds me of how quickly he’s turning into a young man. That physique isn’t one of a little boy anymore. His shoulders are getting bigger and more defined and his chest is getting more muscular. It’s even more shocking to me when I look back at photos taken just a year or two before. This is one example of why I like to take some of the same kinds of photos every year. It records the passing of time so well. Not long ago they were little toddlers running around with round bellies and chubby cheeks. Looking at photos like this make my heart hurt a little. From pride and the fact that they are growing up so quickly!

Plus, I love the way my daughter’s head is poking out of the water. My kids enjoy the ocean as much, or more, than I do!


The elements in the June kits are so much fun! I really, REALLY love the Citrus Bliss ephemera package and other embellishments from Pink Paislee. I love the citrus theme, the flamingos, and the colors in this line so much.


This page uses the main kit, the Bits & Pieces kit, and the Life Pages themed add-on.

It’s a simple page, but I had fun making it.

I hope you’re having a great week. Thanks so much for stopping by!