March GB reveal day 2

Ready for more Gossamer Blue projects? How about a few cards today?

I split my time equally between card making and scrapbooking this month and made four of each. This was a record breaker month for me, I think, as far as number of projects goes.

This month, in addition to the Main Kit and Life Pages kit, I got the Life Pages Main add-on, the Life Pages add-on #3, and the Bits & Pieces kit. I can’t name a favorite this month. I love them all. The Life Pages cards were especially good this month. I  always like the patterned paper package in the Bits & Pieces kit, and so many of the other elements in the kits were just right up my alley.

The Best Day Ever card (Life Pages kit only):


There are doilies in a couple of the kits this month. They come in a brown paper bag (so don’t miss them), and they come in such gorgeous colors. I got teal and pink, but I saw some people had yellow too. It probably depends on which kit you get. I cut a piece off of mine to use on this card.


I also used two of the 2×2 Life Pages cards, a rub-on, a phrase sticker, a brad, and some buttons from my stash. Aren’t those colors so fun?

Happy Smile card (Main Kit only):


I so love the gold acrylic elements in the Main Kit. They are so pretty. I paired one here with some stickers and a rubber embellishment.


I trimmed the rubber piece down a little bit so it would fit better. Since they’re soft, it’s very easy to trim them down if you need to.

Tell me what you’re loving from the kits so far? Have you ordered any of yours yet? I’d love to know which one(s) you chose.

Again, here are the links if you need them:

March Main Kit

March Life Pages Kit

March add-ons

And the gallery links:

March designer scrapbook gallery

March designer cards and projects gallery

March designer Life Pages gallery

One thought on “March GB reveal day 2

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Love the grid design on the first card and that blue doily, and love the doily sticker on the second card too, I am a sucker for doilies!

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