watercolor lessons: brush strokes

Hey guys!

I’m taking a class over at Online Card Classes called Watercolor for Card Makers, Intermediate Techniques. I took the original Watercolor for Card Makers back when it came out and loved it so much. So when I saw this one I immediately signed up for it.

I know I probably won’t be able to find the time to make a card for each day’s homework. there is a LOT smooshed into this class. It’s well worth the money, since they really do teach you a lot of techniques. Plus the card samples are out of this world gorgeous! If I can improve my watercoloring skills even a little it will have been worth it. I’d love to be able to paint like Dawn Woleslagle, but I know it takes years of practice. I’ll do what I can.


For the first class we learned all about brush strokes and loading our brush with a proper mix of water and pigment to achieve the results we’re looking for. The class assignment was to create a card using the techniques we learned, but creating a geometric design. Well, you can see I didn’t follow the rules, but chose to create an organic design instead.

But the same techniques of brush loading and getting a feel for your brush and the pigment/water ratio applies here as well.

I grabbed a couple of leaves off the little palm plant in my son’s bedroom as inspiration for this painting. I wasn’t quite able to active the same shape as the leaves I picked, but maybe next time. It was a lot of fun creating the different shapes of leaves and seeing how the colors varied depending on the amount of pigment I had in my brush.


I stamped a simple sentiment to not distract from the painted design, layered it over some card stock, mounted it to a card and called it done.

What’s even more exciting is that my order of Peerless watercolor papers just came in the mail, so I now have a wider array of watercolor options to chose from!!

I’m sure I’ll be back with more homework results from this class. I can’t wait to try more ideas.



5 thoughts on “watercolor lessons: brush strokes

  1. Karen L K says:

    That leaf came out very nice and of course a nice card! I was in the watercolor class also. I know what you mean that it would be hard to do every lesson especially during the time of the class.

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