Gossamer Blue February sneak and January blog post

Hey guys! Yes, I’m still here! I’ve just been buried under a bunch of snow, and snow gear, and kids, and never ending to-do lists.

When we have a few snow days in a row, I always feel like it takes me a while to get back into routine. This week the kids had two days off and one day with a two hour delay because of snow. Now they’re back in school, but it still feels like it should be Tuesday, but it’s already Friday and my brain is very confused.

Anyway, the snow was glorious. It still is, just not as much as it was those first few days. It was the best snow ever! About 30″ here, and so light and fluffy! It was so awesome! I was able to go out and get a lot of photos, we enjoyed our days snowed in, and we went sledding and drank hot cocoa. Wonderful!!

But today I wanted to share a few sneak peeks at some of the projects I made with the February Gossamer Blue kits. I made three pages and three cards this time around.




Also, I was up on the Gossamer Blue blog a couple of days ago. I shared this art journal page.


You can see more here.

I’ll be back soon!

hope your week is going great!!


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