December Memories 2015 /// Days 7-11

Hey there! Did the days get away from you like they did for me? I had so many good intentions of blogging last week, but in the flurry of Christmas preparations it just did not happen.

Christmas was good, and I’m thankful for one more week of vacation before the kids head back to school. The house is quiet today. The boys are away at basketball practice, and Chloe is snuggled up in a blanket on my bed fast asleep while I type this in my craft room nearby. The quiet is good. I’m taking advantage of it to catch up on blogging and crafting.

I’ve had these pages done for a while now in my December Memories album, but just didn’t get around to sharing them.

Here are days 7-11. I hope to get caught up on the rest of this album this week.


Day 7: Our church home group served dinner at a local youth ministry. I helped make cookies for the kids to decorate. These photos were taken of some of the kids helping to decorate cookies.

This time I added the number 7 to a tag instead of adding it to a pocket like I had previously. Just for something different.



Day 8: I spent the day baking on the 8th. I really regret not keeping count of how many dozen cookies I baked this year. It was a record breaker, I have no doubt.

I added a transparency sheet over a full page photo and added the number 8 to the transparency.




Day 8 continued. This is the back side of the full page photo on the other side. I added another smaller photo of some of my cookies and journaled on the bottom.



Day 9: This was kind of a sad day. At least for my son. He took his driver’s test and failed. I added the story of that here, along with a photo my husband took of a very disappointed young man texting a friend the sad news over lunch.

I added my journaling to a piece I inserted on the left side. Even sad and disappointing days should be recorded, right? It’s all a part of life.


Day 10: I added some photos of my gift wrapping station.



Day 11: This was the day of my kids’ school Christmas program. Each of my kids had a musical part plus their class program participation. They worked for weeks and weeks on their parts. I was so proud of them and their hard work.


The tiny stars are from the Gramercy Road line from Gossamer Blue. The little blue stars just worked so well to add to my album.

I have a few more photos to print out of the program to add to the next page, but this is as far as I’ve gotten.

I can’t wait to work on it some more!I have so many photos to print and things I want to add. If you want to know where to find me this week, just check my craft space. I’ll be there! 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying your vacation, if you have one. Have an amazing week!


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