The presents were wrapped…


The Christmas countdown is on! One more week to get everything ready. I feel pretty good, but there are just a few more things to do.

Things like:

  1. decide what to gift my dad who doesn’t need/want a thing.
  2. get one more thing for son #2. Part of gift already purchased. But what to add to it???
  3. make up cookie boxes to hand out to the neighbors
  4. take my boys shopping for or help them decorate ugly sweaters for the their class ugly sweater party. I can’t believe that’s really a thing! What has the world come to when you go to Goodwill in search of ugly sweaters and there are almost none to be found!
  5. finish wrapping the last few gifts
  6. purchase and package up our yearly teachers/bus drivers gifts
  7. make a plate of cookies to out of for the trash guys
  8. finish up a gift basket for my family’s themed basket exchange

My family Christmas celebration is tomorrow, so most of these things need to be finished today. I’ve got quite a list to work on today, but fortunately none of them should stake a long time. I hope to squeeze in some time this weekend to work on my December album.



I had a lot of fun wrapping up my gifts. I was surprised how fast it went to have my gift wrapping station close by, filled with all the decorations I’d need. I definitely think I’ll do this again next year.


My favorite gift decoration, I think, would have to be the large gold letters. It helps me to remember who the gift belongs to. But just in case I forget anyway, I also wrote the recipient’s name on the back of the letter or on the back of the gift tag.



I’m so happy to be nearly finished with my Christmas prep. So much different than last year! Last year I was stressed and crazy busy up until Christmas Day.

I am so looking forward to Christmas vacation. I plan to:

  1. sleep in
  2. spend lots of quality time with the family
  3. scrapbook
  4. relax

That’s it. My list is short. I want to make the most out of it. Goodness, I love Christmas!!


More to come soon!

Happy Saturday before Christmas!



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