December memories 2015 /// days 1-6


I’ve been enjoying the process of creating my December Memories album so much more this year than last. I’ve been able to keep caught up, which is a great feeling.

I’m using the December Memories kit from Gossamer Blue again this year. This is such a fun project, and the kit is perfect. I really love the addition of the planner pages. It helps me to keep things organized.

One of the reasons I’m able to stay caught up is that I’m keeping things pretty simple. That is key for me. No elaborate pages. Just mostly photos and journaling and a few embellishments thrown in.

Today I’m sharing pages 1-6, although I have my album pretty much all caught up until yesterday. I’ll share more pages soon.

Day one: I started the Christmas season off right by hosting a cookie baking day here for me and my two sisters. We baked 9 different kinds of cookies, pastries, and sweets. I recorded my journaling on the left side, and a photo of our cookies on the right.





Day 2: I hosted a Hot Cocoa and Crafting event for a bunch of friends. I failed to take photos that day, so I had to get creative. I stalked my friends’ Facebook pages for photos of them I could use in my album. I don’t think they’ll mind. I didn’t steal any professional photos, just snapshots. Then I sized them all into 2″x2″ squares and popped them into my slots. I love having all their smiling faces looking back at me. I have cute friends!


I love that I’ll be able to look back and remember who was here, even though I didn’t take any photos.


On the right side I added journaling, a tiny photo of my hand drawn hot cocoa chalkboard sign, and some fun embellishments.


Day 3: These two pages are switched according to the time of day the events took place. But that’s OK. In the morning (right side) I enjoyed a lovely Christmas brunch with the awesome ladies from our church home group. Again, I didn’t take any photos, so I found a photo online of the recipe I took along to the brunch and printed it out for my page.

On the left side, I recorded the events of the evening. My daughter had her violin Christmas program at the local library that night.





Days 4 & 5: On day four I invited my neighbor friend to come over and make a wreath with me, since I had leftover supplies from the craft day on the 2nd. She’s moving away soon, so I was glad to be able to spend some time with her before she leaves.

On the right, my boys had a quiz meet in the morning. The photo on the top is my oldest son’s quiz team, which came in third place for the day. The bottom photo is of my daughter and her little friend who came home with us from the meet to spend the night.




Day 6: My daughter got to play her violin in the display window of a nearby candy shop. Afterwards we let her pick out some candy to take home, of course.


I’m minimally decorating my planner pages each week. Very simple. I like it that way.


I’m also decorating the weekly calendar layouts with a few of the paper tags that came with the kit. I like that it just adds a little color to the spread.

I’m so enjoying this so far! I definitely feel like I’ve found my groove in regards to making a December album like this. I’ve found what works for me and what doesn’t.

What works (for me:):

-downloading and printing out my photos once a day or every two days.

-putting sticky notes in my album to remember which photos I wand to print and where they will go

-keeping my layouts simple

-keeping our schedule of events written down on the planner pages. That way, all I have to do to remember what we did, or what we have coming up, to add in our album is take a look back at the weekly calendar page.

What doesn’t work (for me):

-doing pre made pages. I tried that, and I just never know which photos I’ll have and where I’ll want them to go, so it just works better for me to figure that out as I go along. Having said that, I did make a pre made snow page. I’ll be bummed if I don’t get to use it!

-Trying to keep it to only one page per day. Some days I have multiple events and photos to add, and some days I don’t have any. I don’t stress about one day having one page and the next day having three pages. I’m cool with it.

Have an awesome day! Join me tomorrow for the Gossamer Blue December design team blog hop.






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