Christmas Gift Wrapping Station


Hello, friends!

It’s been quiet around the blog lately, I know. My week was packed pretty full last week, so this week has been spent trying to catch up on a few things around here in an attempt to stay on top of things and not get snowed under during the Christmas season.

I feel pretty good about how Christmas preparations are coming. I don’t feel overwhelmed yet. We have gifts to purchase and I have treats to make for neighbors, etc. But I feel relaxed and on top of my game, for once. Ask me if I still feel that way in a week from now. Ha!

I’ve been wanting to put together this gift wrapping station for a while now, and yesterday I finally got around to it.

I thought it would be great to keep all my gift wrapping supplies handy to wrap gifts as I purchase them this year.  Some years I’ve gotten so on behind in the gift buying and wrapping that I didn’t get them done until the night before they were meant to be given. Not only did I not take as much care in wrapping them and decorating them up all pretty. But they only were under the tree for such a short period of time. I love decorating gifts, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to spend on it with everything else that needs to be done. Having things all ready to go should help me tremendously.

I plan to share a few gift wrapping ideas throughout the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas for your inspiration and enjoyment.

I picked up a few new rolls of gift wrap (see above photo) in reds, creams, black and white. For some reason plaids (or is it tartan?) are really appealing to me this year. I also love the red hounds tooth print. I think they look so fun all together, and I can’t wait to begin wrapping!


I started out with an old Coca-Cola crate I’ve had for years. It’s a great size, and already has handy compartments in it for separating your items. Then I filled it all up with various things that I thought coordinated well with the gift wraps I had chosen.



I chose some tiny bows in  colors that coordinated with my gift wraps. I love bows. Especially tiny ones like these. And also some snowflake ornaments.


Most of these supplies I already had on hand from other years/projects. So I just went shopping in my home. One of the few items that is new this year is that spool of red ribbon. In fact, that spool of red ribbon inspired this gift wrapping station when I spied it at the store. I love it so much! I’m also including gold cord, brown twine, and red baker’s twine.


And ribbons, of course! I’ve had that beautiful extra wide ribbon in my stash for years, waiting for the perfect project to use it on. I think it would look lovely wrapped around a package. I also pulled out some red striped ribbon, and some red and gold glittered ribbon.


Floral picks. I love keeping these on hand to use for decorating packages. I can usually pick them up on clearance after the holidays and just keep a stash on hand of several varieties. Neutral colored ones like these are great because they go with everything.


Tags are a must for decorating packages. I pulled out some printed ones from one of my Gossamer Blue kits from last season and some plain manila tags too.

I found that cute Merry Christmas stamp on clearance at TJ Maxx for just a couple of dollars. I also included some letter stencils that I thought would be fun to use, and some tiny clothes pins and tiny ornaments.


How about doilies, photos, large gold letters, and pretty paper clips? I’m excited to see how I can use some of these on my packages.


I also raided my stash of scrapbook supplies to find all sorts of pretty things I could use for package decorating. I found die cuts, chipboard pieces, printed tags, transparencies, stickers, etc.  I think I have plenty of things to use for making pretty packages. I’m sure I won’t use nearly all of these things. But it’s fun to have such a wide variety to chose from.

I can’t wait to begin wrapping!! I should go dig out those presents I have hidden before someone finds them.


I love hearing from my readers! Thanks for your comment!

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