Gossamer Blue December sneaks

Hey y’all!

I know, I know! I said I’d be back this week with a few Christmas posts. And now the week is gone. Sorry about that!


The week flew by. FLEW, I tell you! I decided, kind of spur of the moment, to host a Christmas craft day next week for whomever wanted to come. Looks like I have somewhere between 8-12 ladies coming over, which is awesome!! I’m so excited. But that also meant I had a few more things to accomplish this week, because next week is going to be a little crazy.

Monday, the kids are still off from school for Thanksgiving vacation. Tuesday, my sisters are coming here for a cookie bake/exchange. Wednesday I’m hosting a craft day. Thursday a friend is hosting a Christmas brunch. It’s all fun, and I am looking forward to each event. But that means food to prepare and a house to keep clean, and items to check off my to-do list to make sure everything is prepared.


Plus, I’ve been working on my December Gossamer Blue projects, and ahhh….I love these kits, people!! I have been having SUCH a great time with the kits this month. I say that every time, I know. You’re thinking that I have to say that because I’m on the team. Maybe, but it is true. These kits are amazing! Just look at the sneaks and you’ll get an idea of what fabulousness awaits!

The kits will be available for purchase on the 1st, so don’t miss it

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