September Gossamer Blue blog hop- garden journal


Hello, friends! Welcome to another Inspiration blog hop brought to you by the design team girls at Gossamer Blue. I’m so happy you’re here! Please, make yourself at home, hop along with us, and enjoy all the inspiration along the way.

If you’ve been hopping, you may have arrived here from Brenda Smith’s blog. And after this, you can head on over to Caylee’s blog.  In addition, I also have the entire blog hop order listed below, so you can refer to that, if you wish.


For this month’s blog hop project, I decided to make a little something different. I’m not a huge gardener, but I like to try a few things every year. And I also do a bit of home canning. Not a ton, but just some of our favorite things, and sometimes I try new things I haven’t tried before.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I really need to make myself a little gardening and canning book. A place where I can write notes about the gardening or canning process. What I did wrong (a lot), what grew well (not much, unfortunately). What kinds of foods did I can each year, and what varieties I used, and how much. That sort of thing. I think it would be so helpful to be able to look back and see what I did so I can make adjustments the next year, if necessary.

I chose a small spiral art book for my gardening journal. I wanted the pages to be sturdy enough to decorate. The photo above is the first page. I plan to do a similar page each time I’m ready to begin a new year. I did not decorate the cover yet, but I plan to at some point.

The plan is to keep this project simple and not time consuming so that I can keep up with it. Just a few photos, lots of notes, and a few decorations to keep things fun. That’s the plan.


These pages document my sad gardening saga. I deal with animals, such as dear, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. etc. who like to come and help themselves to my garden, in spite of the fact that we tried lots of things to keep them away, including putting up a fence. I did get a few tomatoes from the one and only plant that didn’t get eaten by deer, but not until our little friend (probably a chipmunk) got tired of taking bites out of each nice, ripe one.

I ended up purchasing tomatoes for canning. I like to can my own diced tomatoes, and the rest I put in the freezer to make into sauce later.


I couldn’t resist using the little bunny puffy heart sticker to accent my journaling. It just fit so well.


Another thing I like to make each fall is applesauce. I’ve been having fun taking photos of my produce this year, and included a few photos of some of the apple varieties I used. I think this could be a fun challenge in itself. Maybe next year I’ll see if I can change up my photos and photograph them in a different way.

I also recorded what kinds of apples I used so I can remember next year. I used the large cork numbers to record how many quarts of applesauce I canned this year.



These pages are for any notes I want to include. I write down what I canned, how many I had left from last year, how much I did this year, what varieties of produce I used, and anything else I think I might want to remember.


The canning jar die cut was just perfect for this, don’t you think?


Aaahhh….peaches!! So, so good! And so pretty too! Definitely a favorite!





I may even use a few pages to make notes about produce I put into the freezer this year, such as blueberries and corn, but I haven’t decided yet.

I think this will be so helpful and fun to look back on next year, and then continue to add to it in subsequent years. Many of the embellishments in the September kits worked well for this project. Especially the food related ones.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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5 thoughts on “September Gossamer Blue blog hop- garden journal

  1. retrohipmama says:

    oh my goodness! what a clever idea! i love that you kept to one photo per page and kept it super simple but full of stuff to admire. now you have me thinking about a topic i could do something similar with. 🙂 great great stuff, brenda!

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