5 on the 5th…..umm, 6th!


So, I began the 5 on the 5th feature last month where I post 5 things about me, or about something interesting (I hope). I know yesterday was the 5th, but it was a busy weekend with all the July 4th celebrations and everything. We had a party with friends one evening and a family reunion all day yesterday, so I decided to push it off one day. Plus, I figured you all were busy too, and you probably wouldn’t mind a bit.

5 Things I very rarely use in my paper crafting projects.

#1. Ribbon. Just too bulky, I guess. I went through a phase when I thought I had to BUY ALL THE RIBBON! But as I realized I just don’t use it much, I’ve gotten rid of a lot and just kept what I really love for those random craft projects.

#2. Brads. Those had their time, I guess. But I still like them and there are still some really cute ones out there. I really should use them more. It’s just not something I tend to reach for very quickly. They also are pretty bulky, and I often don’t use the bulky items as much.

#3. Washi tape. Here’s the thing…I LOVE washi tape!! I have quite a collection. Doesn’t every paper crafter? I love to see all those cute little rolls of fun patterns and find them so hard to resist. But I think that’s where the infatuation ends. Truth: I use it more in my kitchen than I do for paper crafting.

#4. Colored stamped line art images. I’m a lazy stamper, I guess. I prefer to stamp my images and just be done. I guess I don’t have a lot of patience for tedious coloring. Just like I don’t have patience for cross stitch, or anything tedious and time consuming like that. If my images are colored, they’re probably water colored. I don’t use my markers for coloring much, although the Zig Clean Color markers are calling my name. Those actually look like something I would use. I just don’t think I’ll ever be a Copic marker artist, but I love seeing what people do with them.

#4. Punches and dies. I think this is just a case of out of sight, out of mind, because I still like punches and dies sometimes. I just forget to use them. I did get rid of a lot recently, like those decorative edge punches that were all the rage several years ago. But now that I’ve gotten rid of them, someone is bound to come along and do something spectacular with them and make me regret it! Because isn’t that usually how it goes?

So, after I compiled this list, I wondered if I could make a card using some of these items I just mentioned. So, I dug out the unloved things and made this:



I used everything on my list except for punches. But i used two brads, so that should count for something, right?

I realized 1. I do still really like brads, 2.maybe I could use ribbon as long as it’s flat like this (no bows), 3. I do like washi tape and really need to use it more, 4. even though I love the look of colored images, I still prefer ones that need no coloring.

How about you? Are there some craft supplies that you never seem to use, even though you may have loved it once, or thought you might?

I’d love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “5 on the 5th…..umm, 6th!

  1. JeanD says:

    Well, where do I start? Like you I still have ribbon that never seems to get used and there are brads (and eyelets) sitting around. Every now and then I make a card and use them as a spotty feature. My alphabet stamps tend to only get used for scrapbook titles and I definitely have fads on different types of ink (my chalk inks are a bit unloved at the moment). It’s like clothes I tend to like what I see others using, even though there’s nothing wrong with the older items.

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