5 on the 5th

Hey guys!! I’ve been around this blogging thing for a long time. Since 2008, to be exact. And, for the most part, I’ve shared my crafting related stuff. Because that’s what this blog is for.

But I felt like shaking things up just a little. So, I thought I’d do a little something new. I’m going to do what I call 5 on the 5th. My aim is to make this a monthly post where I focus on five things each month. Who knows what those five things will be? I don’t even know. I just figured it might be a fun way to share more about me, and also to let you guys have an opportunity to tell me some things about yourself. Because I love to hear about you guys! No pressure to play along if you don’t want to. But I would LOVE to get to know those of you in my reader audience a little better. Sound good?

So this time I thought I’d tell you five things about myself that you might not know, and then in return, you can share some things about yourself. OK? Here goes.

5 things about me that you probably don’t know:

1. I am parking challenged. I can’t park straight. Or centered. I just can’t. For the life of me, I try. I really do. I think I’m straight, only to get out and see I’m not. And I’m not talking parallel street parking here. I’m talking parking lots and such. I do better when I have to park between two vehicles, but even then sometimes not. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, so don’t ask. Now that I have a son learning to drive it’s even more embarrassing.

2. I’ve never dyed my hair. I gotten hilites, but never a full on color job. But I’m thinking that’s about to change. I made an appointment with my hair dresser to get this cut (below), and I’m thinking about what color I’d like. Blonde? Strawberry? Or maybe I should go darker, with some caramel colored hilites? I don’t know, but something’s got to hide those grays I’ve been finding. I need your color opinions!


3. I rarely ever watch TV. I just don’t have time for it. In fact, we just cancelled cable a few weeks ago because we weren’t ever using it. Even the kids weren’t using cable. We have Netflix, so we watch some things on there , but usually just on weekends. Do you have any fun Netflix series I should look up? We’ve been enjoying Turn and Sons of Liberty. Thing is, I usually get all comfy on the sofa and promptly fall asleep. So I’ve only seen about 1/4 of all the shows my husband has seen. And I never know what’s going on. So I fall asleep again.

4. I’ve been in a huge, ginormous, cooking rut for quite a long time. It’s kind of concerning, actually. I used to enjoy cooking, but I just have no desire. I just really need summer fruits and vegetables to hurry up and ripen already. And I need it to get so hot that everyone loses their appetites. Then I can serve fruit and ice cream for dinner and no one will question.

5. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you may already know this, but I’ve been taking photos of friends’ kids and families over the last year or so. I do it mainly because it’s a great way for me to gain photography experience. I don’t see myself ever being a professional photographer, although I do want to learn as much about photography and photoshop as I can. So, I don’t charge much, because I figure they’re helping me out too. I’m saving up for a new lens, so if anyone local needs any photos taken…..

There you go. That was five things about me. Now, don’t let me down, people! I wanna know stuff about you too! hehe! Seriously. tell me one or two, or ten things about yourself. It could be funny, serious, anything! Whether you’ve been a long time reader, or if you’re a new reader. I’d LOVE to hear about you. Go for it!

I love hearing from my readers! Thanks for your comment!

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