Using those mess -ups


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me share a little sneak peek at this card yesterday.

I was doing some sorting and organizing in my craft space over the last couple of days, and I came across some pieces of watercolor paper that I had been using to experiment a distress ink technique. These were the duds, the ones where the particular look I was going for didn’t quite pan out. But I’m not one to throw things away unless it’s beyond repurposing. So, when I came across these again I thought it would be fun to make some cards out of them.

This one was one that I had given up on the technique before I actually finished it, so it was only partially covered with distress ink swatches. But it looked so pretty just the way it was, so I grabbed a Studio Calico stamp and used it to finish out this card. And I love it! I’m so glad I didn’t throw that practice sheet away!


I stamped a couple of the flowers twice and popped them up with foam adhesive. That wasn’t my original plan, but I started out coloring in one of the flowers, decided I didn’t like that at all, and ended up stamping more flowers to cover it up. See, there’a usually a way to cover up mistakes. And sometimes that leads to something you like even better!

I also had a piece on which I had finished the technique, but didn’t like the end results. So I made a card out of that one too. These seemed fitting to post together, since they use the same colors and techniques.


This one was so simple to finish into a card. Since the background was interesting enough, I didn’t need much else. I added a Heidi Swapp stamp and a few sequins and called it done!


So, before you throw away those botched attempts, ask yourself if they can be salvaged somehow. Sometimes I save my trial pieces and punch shapes out of them, or cut them up and use just a small piece. Those watercolor pieces are just too pretty to throw away in the trash.

Here’s to a beautiful day!


6 thoughts on “Using those mess -ups

  1. JeanD says:

    Very cool Brenda. I always feel really virtuous when I use bits that didn’t work and turn them into something I like.

  2. Nora says:

    What stunning cards!! I love that you used things that you were “messed up.” I always throw things away and it will make me look at it twice now!!

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