Deeper Still

A few weeks back I was contacted by a woman at our church to make a few cards for the ministry she directs for a retreat that the ministry will be holding later this month.

I knew I would say yes. Because I know the ministry she serves with is an important one. One that I believe in strongly. One that I think can impact hurting women in a very positive way and bring healing to wounded hearts.


The ministry I am talking about is called Deeper Still. In their own words, Deeper Still’s mission is to bring healing and lasting freedom to abortion wounded hearts.

You can learn more about their ministry by visiting their website. I believe the ministry of Deeper Still, and others like it, are vital in our society today. I was honored to be asked to participate in this way.

I knew the cards I made would be given to each woman attending the retreat at three different times throughout the retreat. I really wanted the cards to be feminine, pretty, and to be uplifting to the retreat attendees.

Here are the three cards I came up with.

IMG_0211-2I wanted the women to know that they are beautiful. That God cares deeply for them. The butterfly, to me, also signifies renewal and restoration.

IMG_0212 copy

I wanted these cards to be bright and cheery. Something that felt springlike and happy. I chose to use my favorite shade of light blue with a touch of teal and happy yellow. This color combo is one I never tire of. I hope it makes the women smile.


This next one uses a more neutral color palette, but it still uses spring colors.

IMG_0217 copy

I wanted the women to feel cherished. Because they are. They are deeply cherished by their Father who made them and loves them so much. No matter what the past looks like. No matter how they view themselves. I pray that each woman in attendance at the retreat would leave feeling deeply loved and cherished.

IMG_0220 copy

I chose to use a leaf die to embellish this card. Again, the leaves speak of spring, of new life, new growth, and new possibilities. I also added sequins, because sequins are just little bits of happiness, in my opinion.

IMG_0222 copy

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post a photo of this card a while ago.



This one was the first design I made. I dreamed it up after I found some really pretty paints at Target, and I really wanted to use them on one of these cards somehow. I brushed the paint onto some heavy card stock, then cut the flowers out of it with my Silhouette Cameo after it had dried. It ended up pretty much like I had envisioned, which made me happy.


The sentiment technique kind of came about by accident. After I stamped the smaller sentiment the first time, I realized it was crooked. Instead of making a whole new card, I decided to just stamp the sentiment repeatedly. I really like how it turned out and think I like it much better this way than if it would have turned out like I planned the first time.

It looks like this card has two layers on the front, but it doesn’t. It has a layer of patterned paper on the inside of the card, which is showing through to the front on these photos.

IMG_0231 copy


And here are all the cards all together.


I love to package up my special orders into these fun polka dot bags I have on hand. To me they just look so fun and happy. I really hope my special order packages put a smile on people’s faces, even before they open them up.


I added a stamped tag to each one to coordinate with the cards inside.

I really enjoyed making these cards for Deeper Still and the women who will be attending the retreat. I hope and pray that these cards can somehow be a source of encouragement and joy to the women who will be receiving them.

If you’d like to know more about Deeper Still, or feel like you would benefit from their ministry, I urge you to contact them. They are understanding, supportive, loving, and non-judgmental. I know some of them have experienced abortions in the past themselves, and have walked the path to healing. They know and understand where women are coming from. I know some of the women involved personally, and know them as loving and caring and Christ-like women who will provide love, support and understanding in a safe and nurturing environment.

Thank you for allowing me to share these very special projects with you today. I hope you have a wonderful week.




10 thoughts on “Deeper Still

  1. Jamie Vanskiver says:

    These cards are so beautiful! I’m very touched by this post and the meaning behind each card. I think these women will love and cherish these lovely, encouraging cards and hopefully leave this retreat with love and peace in there hearts ❤ 🙂

  2. Miriam Prantner says:

    What a wonderful ministry! I love the message that each of these cards sends, they will be so appreciated!

  3. JeanD says:

    They are absolutely lovely and so well thought through. They should be very encouraging. I particularly like the first one, love the colours, love the butterfly and the banners. What a wonderful ministry to be supporting. God bless

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