Pretty Envelopes with Gossamer Blue

In case you missed it, I shared a post over on the Gossamer Blue blog a few days ago on making pretty envelopes. Here’s what I shared there:

Many of you enjoy making your own cards to hand out to friends and family members. It’s a fun way to exercise your creativity, use up your scrapbooking supplies, and save money on the Hallmark versions.
But what about the envelope you choose to send/present it in? It’s easy enough to slip a hand made card into a plain envelope, and that’s what I do most of the time. But how fun would it be to receive a pretty envelope in the mail amongst all the boring bills?
Or when you hand a card to someone in person, they might get a hint of how special the card inside is, just by looking at the decorated envelope! It will stand out from the rest, that’s for sure.
Dressed up envelopes are just plain fun, and I think they make the recipient feel all the more special. Today I’d like to share a few ways you can dress up your envelopes and take your card giving up a notch.
1. Line the inside with pretty patterned paper.


This is fairly easy to do. I laid my envelope down onto my patterned paper and traced the flap. Then I cut about 1/8” inside the lines so it would be a little smaller than the flap. Be sure to leave enough paper to extend down inside the envelope far enough past the opening.
It’s fun to choose patterned paper to match your card or the color of your envelope. I kind of want to line all my envelopes now, because it just looks so pretty!

2. Make your own envelopes out of patterned paper or cardstock.


This is a fun way to use some of your favorite pretty papers. The great thing about making your own is that you can make them any size you want. So, if you have an odd sized card, making your own envelope for it is a great way to go!

I didn’t use any patterns or templates for these. I simply folded and cut, and played around with the sizes. You can easily make your own, or look up some templates online. If you’d like detailed instructions on how I made these I’d be happy to share the process on my blog. Just leave me a comment below and I will see if I can create a tutorial for you.
You can simply glue the flaps shut with a bit of adhesive, or you can add some string closures with brads or eyelets. Or tape it shut with some washi tape.

3. Decorate the front.


I used stamps on some of mine. Flowers for just a bit of decoration (they coordinate with the liner paper inside), and a scalloped stamp to create an address spot.

The bottom one has a piece of cardstock stitched into place to create a spot for addressing the envelope.
You could also try out some doodling, rub-ons, washi tape, and other flat decorations to dress up the front of envelopes that will be going through the mail.
For ones you’ll be giving in person, why not try this:

4. Decorate them with fun embellishments.


This is great for those times you’ll be presenting the card in person. Use some die cuts, washi tape, wood veneers, cork accents, enamel dots, etc.etc. to dress up your envelopes. You can really have fun with this! All of a sudden it’s just as much fun to create the envelope as it is to create the card! And just as much fun to receive too!

So why not make some envelopes worthy of holding those gorgeous had made cards you enjoy giving away? I think your recipients will love it!

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