December Memories- the first few pages

Last week was a doozy! I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I felt so on behind in all my Christmas plans and preparations. I had taken on a few more responsibilities than I should have and had so many things to focus on at once that I felt like I couldn’t focus on any.

I was behind on my December Memories album, had over a hundred photos to edit, was trying to get everything ready for a craft session I had agreed to lead, was getting the kids ready for a couple of programs, plus, on top of it all I wasn’t feeling the greatest.

I managed to squeak through the week, but with less than two weeks until Christmas, it felt like it was all crashing down around me. I didn’t feel joyful or peaceful, or full of holiday cheer. I was overwhelmed and cranky.

But, over the weekend I was able to find the time to finish editing all those photos and sit down to work on my December Memories album. The funny thing is that, as I worked, I started to feel more relaxed and sane again. It was just the distraction I need to to get my mind back to where it needed to be. I’m feeling better this week, both physically and mentally, and I’m ready to tackle the last remaining days before Christmas. And I feel like I can enjoy myself and get into a frame of mind more fitting for this beautiful season.

I wanted to share the pages I’ve completed so far in my December Memories album.


On day 1 I recorded our advent packages, since we began opening the packages on December 1st.




This also was deer hunting season, and my husband took our boys out hunting. Fortunately, he took a couple of photos with his cell phone, so I was able to record that event, even though I wasn’t there with them.

On the right for Day 2, I included a screen shot of my Pinterest Christmas board. It this point it doesn’t look like I’ll be tackling any of those projects on there, but it is interesting to see what kinds of things I was hoping to do this year. We’ll see how much that board changes until next year.


Day 3 includes a photo of our little nativity set. It’s not an expensive one. I just picked it up at Goodwill a few years ago, but I’ve come to love it, and the kids enjoy getting it out each year. This year Chloe got to have that job. In fact, she did most of the tree decorating this year as well. We had the tree up for a few days beforeI got enough lights to cover the entire thing. But then I didn’t have the time to help with hanging the ornaments. She kept asking me if I could help her, and I felt so bad saying I just did  to have the time at the moment. She did an awesome job, though, and I think she was pretty proud of her work. I’m hoping to be able to sit down with her tonight and make a few handmade ornaments to add to the tree.

I don’t have a photo for day 4 yet. I think I’ll include a photo of the lit tree. I plan to add the photo to the back side of that gold chevron bag. I might tuck extra photos or cards we’ve received into the bag later.


I’m still working on days 5 and 6, so let’s see day 7. We got our tree on day 7. I had several photos I wanted to include, so I made several pages for this day.







Getting our tree is always a fun event. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Everyone is always in a crazy mood, and the kids run around and play hide and seek in the trees, even though they’re teenagers now. I love it!


My sons also had a youth group Christmas Ball on day 7, although my younger son was sick with the flu and wasn’t able to attend.  I included a group photo of my oldest son with a bunch of his friends. I forgot to get a photo of him all dressed up for the ball! Grr! I’m considering making him put his outfit on for me so I can take a photo. I know he’d be thrilled 🙂


I was the designated photographer for the Christmas Ball, so that little camera embellishment fit perfectly.



Day 8 on the left was my daughter’s violin program. She also played in her school Christmas program, and I’ll include those photos on another page.

On the right side is day 9. My sisters and I got together for or annual Christmas cookie bake. We made lots of cookies, but i hope to do more. I still haven’t done the traditional cut-outs the kids and I do every year.


I’m actually not sure yet which day this page will be for. i just like this photo a lot and wanted to include it somewhere. I attached it to a sheet of vellum that I cut to size. Notice anything funny? That Get Happy paper underneath is totally upside down! It’s the back side to another page I did for later, so i don’t know yet what i’ll do with that. cover it up or leave it?

So, that’s what I;ve got for now. I’m enjoying making this album, but I feel a little like i still don’t know exactly what I’m doing. I think next time I will have a better idea of how my process should go and what works and doesn’t work for me.

I’ll share more soon! Have an awesome day!

5 thoughts on “December Memories- the first few pages

  1. chiyo smith says:

    Your story is told so well, the challenge of documenting the people, season & traditions. Perfectly chosen photos, papers & accents. Happy that you have a beautiful keepsake that makes it all worth it. I really like the upside down paper–another story. I follow you by e-mail in Hawaii.

    • sweetpapertreats says:

      Hi Chiyo!

      Thank you! It’s a fun project. I have been enjoying capturing so many little details of our family traditions. I kind of like the upside-down paper too. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting!


      On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 12:53 PM, Sweet Paper Treats wrote: > >

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