Gossamer Blue December reveal day 1

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s December? I can’t. Seems like the end of the year is barreling down on us like a speeding freight train. I find myself wishing I could insert an extra day or two here and there somehow.

Since it’s December 1st, that means that the newest kits from Gossamer Blue are available for purchase today. I had a great time creating my cards with these kits. They came together so effortlessly. I made seven cards in all, and I’ll share four of them here with you today.

These first three were all made with the December main kit only.

Life is better with a smile:




I love the cork and wood accents, and that cute camera.

On an Adventure:




There are some great little die cut accents too.

You Make me Happy:




The colors in this kit are wonderful! And the wood accents always give a great touch of warmth.

This one was made using the main kit, the main kit add-on, and the bits & pieces kit.




I love the rub-ons in the main kit add-on. I layered them over a piece of 6×6 patterned paper that came with the bits & pieces kit. I like how the transparent rub-ons allow the print on the paper to show through.

Oh, and guess what. These photos were taken in my new craft space!

Speaking of photos, I’m really having trouble getting mine sharp, for some reason. I’ve tried shooting with a smaller aperture instead of wide open. I’ve tried moving closer or further away from the item being photographed. I’ve tried turning my cards in different angles with the light. I’ve messed around with my camera settings umpteen times.  Have any of you ever experienced that problem? I’m about to just take it to a local camera shop and ask the guys there what to do because I’m almost convinced it’s something with my lens. Fuzzy photos are not cool. Unless it’s on purpose.

So, if you’re interested in getting your own kits, head on over to Gossamer Blue. But don’t wait too long! They usually go pretty quickly.


I love hearing from my readers! Thanks for your comment!

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