Creative Jumpstart :: Hello New Glasses


Creative Jumpstart is a bi-monthly challenge issued by Marcy Penner and Stephanie Bryan to challenge each other, and their readers,  in their paper crafting endeavors. I always enjoy a challenge, even though it seems I don’t usually find/take the time to participate. This time it’s a recipe challenge. The recipe ingredients are:

1 frame

2 brads

5 patterned papers.

I pulled out the On My Desk collection from Gossamer Blue, along with a few items from past kits, to create this page.

A little back story about this page:

I recently got a new pair of glasses. That may not seem like a big deal to most. And it’s not. Unless you figure in the fact that I had my old pair for about 18 years. And that they had broken a long time ago and were held together with masking tape. And that I had to constantly tighten the screws that wanted to wiggle out. And that my face is small and the only pair that fit my face at the time was from the kids’ section. And that they had Mickey Mouse emblems on the side. Nothing against Mickey Mouse, but that’s really not me at all, if you know what I mean. And that I never, ever wore these outside my home. For obvious reasons.

Why I had these for so long? Well, you know how it is? Especially when you have kids. Seems like there is always someone else that needs something, like glasses, or braces, or whatever. And we keep putting ourselves last. That, and I just wore them for a short time after I got up in the morning, until I woke up enough to put my contact lenses in. So it really wasn’t a huge need. I was always thinking that “someday” I should replace them. Funny how time passes by.

So, the day I finally got a new pair was kind of exciting to me. I finally made the decision to get a new pair after I had issues with my eye on a weekend trip and had to drive home wearing only one contact lens. I figured it would be a really, really good idea to have a backup pair of glasses that I could actually wear in public in case something like that ever happened again. 🙂


I know it’s a little hard to read, but the little white tab in the photo of me holding my glasses says “we are here”. And it’s pointing down to the word trash. It felt good to throw those babies away!


Those beautiful brads are from the Maggie Holmes line from Crate Paper and come from one of my past Gossamer Blue kits. The glasses rub-on is also from a past kit. How could I NOT use that on this page?


A puffy sticker and pretty papers from the On My Desk line. I used two papers here, and three under my photo for a total of five.

It was fun to try out a challenge again, so thanks to Marcy and Stephanie for the creative jumpstart!



2 thoughts on “Creative Jumpstart :: Hello New Glasses

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Great layout! I love the stitching and the layers, and it’s a great story….we do tend to put things off for ourselves don’t we? Glad you finally upgraded!

  2. bckueser says:

    Love this layout + love the story!! I cannot believe you had the same pair that long! That is impressive!! Hope you are enjoying the new pair and not missing Mickey to much!! 😉

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