Watercolor leaves // taking the time for creativity


Today my to-do list says I don’t have any extra time to make art. Or blog, for that matter. But the artist in me tells me sometimes you have to put to-do lists aside in order to create when inspiration strikes. I’m trying to do that more often. I get caught up in my daily must do’s, and then wish I somehow had the time to explore art and grow in my artistic talents. There will never be enough time in the day to do it all. It must be intentional. So, there are dirty dishes in the sink from breakfast. The floor needs to be swept. There are tasks that are calling my name from every corner. I could work all day long, every day and fill all my hours up with tasks that need to be accomplished.

But today, just for a little while, I’m choosing to set it all aside and focus on nurturing my creative side. I think this is important too. Perhaps just as important as all the chores. Somehow it’s hard to see it that way. But I believe the creative gift has been placed inside of us for a reason. And we shouldn’t bury it under a mound of tasks and responsibilities. I don’t believe in shirking responsibilities and ignoring the jobs we have to do. But the gifts inside need to come out. They are there to bring joy to ourselves and others, and to bring glory to the One who placed them there to begin with.


I had to leave fairly early this morning for something I had to do with my husband. And on the drive home I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the fall foliage. It’s my favorite! Everything is so beautiful right now. Especially in the early morning mist over the landscape when the sun is just beginning to gather strength. I thought how fun it would be to capture a bit of the beauty I saw with some watercolors. And so, when I arrived home, I set out to gather a few different leaves from around our yard. I picked several in different colors, shapes and sizes. I’ll save the rest and maybe work on a collection of these little art pieces. Perfect for displaying around my house for a touch of fall decor.


The leaves are fun to paint because you can really go to town with all kinds of layers of colors, adding more here and there until you are satisfied. I made the veins by using a brush loaded with just plain water to take out some of the color.

I want to do more now!


4 thoughts on “Watercolor leaves // taking the time for creativity

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Really stunning! A little series of four would look great around the house, and they would make wonderful gifts too!

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