Gossamer Blue November Sneak Peeks + some links


I’m a little late getting around to posting my Gossamer Blue November sneak peeks, since these kits will go on sale on november 1st. But anyway, here they are. I enjoyed the kits so much! I made 6 cards and still had ideas for more. I love the addition of purple this time. Purple used to be one of my least favorite colors, but it’s growing on me. especially plum, which is great for fall.

My desk is a mess. It needs to be cleaned, but I’m right in the middle of a whole bunch of projects right now. I’m painting a desk for my son, painting a desk for me, painting my kitchen chairs, trying to finish up some fall housecleaning (windows and screens, etc).  I have so many things on my list to complete for Gossamer Blue, and yet I can hardly wait until my December memories kit comes. Seems like everywhere I turn there are things needing my attention, and my husband’s getting annoyed at his lack of ironed clothes. Again. These times I get to sit and play with paper and embellishments are a wonderful reprieve from the demands of my everyday schedule. I get to sneak away for a while and get creative in my own little quiet and colorful world.

Today I took some photos of my brand new, incredibly adorable, baby niece. I will share a few photos once I get the time to edit them.

Some things I’ve been loving lately:

A recipe for cookie butter? Oh my! You shouldn’t have. For real. These would make some really fun gifts, I think.

The most perfect card. I adore Aga’s work!

This recipe made me drool. The berries. The bread. The cheese. I don’t know what it tastes like, but the photos sure make me want to give it a try. The mark of a fantastic food photographer.

A really great Christmas craft to try.

My hair has been long for a while. Contemplating getting it chopped off. Maybe something shorter, like this cut?



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