Mister Huey Masks- a Gossamer Blue designer blog post


Hey there, everyone! It’s my day to post over on the Gossamer Blue blog today. I’m sharing some fun ideas for using the Studio Calico masks that came with the September Life Pages add-on #3. I love masks. There are just so many ways to use them. I was going to show you just a few different ideas, but then when I started I just couldn’t stop. I had to try one more thing! So, that means I have four mask ideas over on the Gossamer Blue blog today, and four more ideas here! That makes 8 crazy cool ideas for using your masks, in case you weren’t counting.

So head on over to the Gossamer Blue blog and check those ideas out, then come back here to read the rest of this post. Or, if you’re so inclined, read through this post first, then head over there to see more. It makes no difference to me. You’ll just want to be sure to check them all out.


I love to use my masks two ways, the positive and the negative, to get the most use out of them. For these next two ideas, I applied color to the back side of my mask, then flipped them over and “stamped” them onto my page.

I used two different mediums to get two different looks.

This one is using Glelatos:


I scribbled on the back side of the mask with a few coordinating colors of gelatos. Then I wet it with a mister and blended the colors a little with my finger before flipping it over and stamping. I love the messy look of this. I love that the blending of the colors changes with the amount of water used. You can see that I used more water in some places than others. You have to play around with it a little to figure out what you like best.



This “stamping” technique uses distress inks:


I dabbed the back side of my masks with three colors of distress inks, then misted it with water to allow the colors to blend. Then I laid it down on the surface of my paper and carefully pulled it away. What I love about this techniques is the interesting pools of colors that are left behind. You could probably try this with any type of ink pad, but to get blending like this the distress inks are the best because they’re specially formulated to blend together when mixed with water.

I added this piece to a photo pocket scrapbook page:


I also used another piece on this page made using a mask technique. The upper left corner piece uses a watercolor look also, but it’s done in an entirely different way.

using watercolors:



I taped my mask down onto a piece of watercolor paper, then used my watercolors to brush color into the negative spaces. After it was completely dry, I removed the tape and added a few spritzes of black paint. For this technique, you could use watercolors like I did, or watered down ink refills or spray mists, diluted acrylic paints and more.

Here’s a closer look at the two pieces I used on the scrapbook page:


The last idea I have to share with you today is similar to the stamping technique, but it takes it a step further.

Faux letterpress:


Did you know you could use your masks like an embossing folder? And by adding some inks to the mask before running it through the embossing machine (I use my Big Shot), the end result looks very much like letterpress. It’s a little bit difficult to see in the photo, but the masks will not leave quite as deep of an impression as an embossing folder would. I used three colors of spray inks for this one. The great thing about using spray inks is that some of them have a shimmery substance added to them, so, even though you can’t see it on the photo, the color has a beautiful shimmery luster to it. I love it!

IMG_8855 That texture just makes me happy!

Be sure to check out 4 more ways to use your Mister Huey masks over on the Gossamer Blue blog. I’d love it if you’d drop me a comment (here or there) to let me know which of these techniques is you favorite!

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Mister Huey Masks- a Gossamer Blue designer blog post

  1. JeanD says:

    Wonderful ideas Brenda, love the all. I’ve tried some but not others and I always need reminding to try things again. I love the 2 photo pocket cards particularly and the embossed and water coloured card.

  2. Ruth G says:

    I love the look of the distress stain! Such a wonderful, watercolory effect (yep, watercolory is a word! Maybe?) Thanks so much for sharing! I need to get busy with my stencils!

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