Watercolor for Card Makers: day 3


On day 3 of Watercolor for Card Makers we focused on techniques to achieve with stamps. I’m only doing two out of the three techniques. One of the techniques focused on stamps meant to use to build a scene with stamps. I don’t have any of those and have no plans to purchase any of them, so I’ll be skipping that one and sharing the other two techniques with you today.

Our first technique is such a fun one. Well, both of them are, actually. But this first one is a technique that is easy for anyone to achieve. All you need are some stamps, inks, and a misting spray bottle. You don’t even need any special kinds of inks for this. Just plain old dye inks will do.

We inked up our stamps, sprayed them with a fine mist, then stamped them onto our watercolor paper. You may be able to do this on regular card stock, but I find that the watercolor paper does so much better with the wet stamps and allows the ink to move around a bit more than regular card stock.

I used a stamp set from Waltzingmouse Stamps that includes these awesome feathers. I think these could look gorgeous with several different colors of ink applied before stamping. Wouldn’t that be cool?


All the inks I used on this card are from the Studio Calico Color Theory collection. Except for the black I used for the sentiment. That’s from Momento. I also applied some ink to an acrylic block, watered it down, and flicked it across my paper to get some fun flecks of color.

There are so many possibilities with this technique! It’s just really fun to watch the stamped images take a life of their own with the water “messing” them up a bit. Plus, when it dries it leaves such a cool watery look. It really does look as if it’s been painted.

This next technique requires you to have some distress inks. Using distress inks allows you to move the color around a bit after it’s stamped.


I used an old wood-mounted rubber stamp from Stampin’ Up! for this one. I used four shades of distress inks for the flowers and stems, plus one shade of watercolor paint for the background and black ink for the sentiment.

The background was made by applying watercolor paint to an acrylic block and “stamping” it onto the background to make this fun frame effect.

The flowers where stamped using distress inks. I inked up the stamp with green on the leaves and mustard on the flowers. Then I watercolored over them, adding in some browns and pinks.


This is a super easy technique too, but the results are fabulous! It looks as if you’ve spent forever hand painting the design onto your card. Love it!

One thing this class has done is make me fall in love with distress inks. I didn’t use them a whole lot before this, but now I want them in every color! There are just so many things you can do with distress inks that never occurred to me before.

Have you been taking the Watercolor for Card Makers class too? If so, what do you think of it so far? Which day of homework are you on?

If you’re not taking the class, I’d love to hear what you think about the techniques I shared so far. Have you learned anything new yet? We have a lot more ground to cover before I’m finished with my class homework. I hope you’re enjoying seeing the results as much as I’ve been enjoying sharing them with you!

Well, I’m off to spend the day at an auction. My dad is selling a lot of his and my mom’s belongings today. I think it will be a little sad to watch people purchase things that I remember using as a child. Probably so much more difficult for my dad. But, it’s only things, right?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Watercolor for Card Makers: day 3

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    These are gorgeous! I love those feathers you used on the first one and the shading on the second. I’m taking the class, but I haven’t done anything since last week…..hoping I’ll get a few more done before the cut off!

  2. JeanD says:

    Hi Brenda.Beautiful cards again, particularly the feather one. I’ve done something from most sections of the class, but certainly not tried every technique. Hope that the auction wasn’t too traumatic for your family, it is very hard parting with memories, it’s not the things but the memories they evoke. Hope that you took photos of the things that brought back memories, that way you can still remember.

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