Watercolor for Card Makers: Day 2, technique 1


Moving on to homework from day #2 of the Watercolor for Card makers class. As you may have noticed, the three techniques from day #1 of class all had to do with creating different backgrounds. Day #2 is also about backgrounds, so the next three posts here will have to do with watercolor backgrounds. then we’ll get into other types of watercoloring after that.

Today’s techniques is one that I thought would be easier than I thought. I used my watercolor pencils to create this background. Maybe there is a difference between different brands of watercolor pencils. I was using some from Stampin’ up! that I’ve had for years. I don’t even know if they still carry them or not. But anyway, I thought these pencils left behind more streaks than I would have wished. I would have liked to see them blend a little more easily. I’d like to try out a different brand of pencil to see if that would make a difference or not. But, in the end, I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. It just required a little more manipulating of the pigment and a little more playing around that I anticipated.

The pencils get brushed on and then water applied to blend the colors together. It’s fun to play around with different color combinations for this.


The leaves are from the Maculine Motifs stamp set from paper trey Ink. I clustered them with a few other embellishments from my Studio Calico stash. The patterned paper pieces are just tiny strips of random bits cut from some 6″x6″ paper pads I had lying on my desk.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my homework sample from the second technique we learned on day two of class. See you then!!

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