On my mind

Excuse my lack of crafty posts this week! I’ll have one for you tomorrow, I promise!

On my mind right now:

the weather: I’m waiting, rather impatiently, for the weather to turn warmer. Seems like spring is so reluctant this year! The flowering trees are just beginning to show the tiniest hint of color. Normally they would have been in full bloom a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait for some warm sun to come along so I can get out and start digging in the dirt! The flower beds need some serious attention this year!


food: Seems I just can’t keep enough of it around these days. With two sons who are always on the prowl for food, I’m always thinking of what I need to make or buy at the grocery store. And let’s not even talk about the grocery budget!! Holy food bill! Seems every time I turn around someone has their head poked into the fridge or pantry looking for food to consume. It’s exhausting trying to keep up and trying to make sure they have plenty of good, quality, healthy foods around to eat. I have discovered that a great, healthy snack that will keep them full for a while is a smoothie with chia seeds thrown in. The chia helps to keep their tummies full for a while. If only I could add chia to every single thing I make, then maybe I could stretch the grocery budget a little farther.


laundry: It’s never, ever, ever done! Ever! Especially ironing the clothes. A job I despise! I do as little of it as possible, making sure to hang things up straight out of the dryer. But there are always those pieces that are still wrinkled. I’m thinking I will put on a movie today to watch while I iron clothes. That should make an incredibly boring job a bit more tolerable. Any suggestions? If there was any job I would hire someone to do, ironing clothes would be the first one!

scrapbooking: I’m reeeeally itching to do some scrapbooking. It’s been too log. I’m not doing so well on my operation scrapbook goal. I am working on sorting through alllllll my photos and getting everything organized into folders so I can see if there is anything I missed. We recently got a new, better external hard drive to store our photos. One with much more storage space. But, in the process of switching everything over, our files pretty much got all disorganized. I wasn’t very organized with my photos to begin with, but now they were just a mess! It bugged me a lot, but I kept ignoring it because it seemed like such a huge task. But now that I’ve begun sorting, it makes me so very happy to see all the neat little organized files all in a row. Bliss! Then I plan to go through my scrapbooks and organize the pages I already have completed and make sure everything is properly dated. So, I guess I have been making some progress on the scrapbooking front. Just not anything that you can see.


this old house: I’ve got so many projects I want to tackle right now! Some painting. Some decorating projects. Some big, some small. I don’t quite know which one to do first. But I should have plenty of weekend projects to share. Just as soon as I actually get any done!

cleaning: Cleaning the house isn’t always my favorite job. Nor is it my least favorite. Sometimes I get into a cleaning mood, and nothing around me is safe. I’ve been feeling the urge to do some deep spring cleaning lately. I’m getting ready to rip apart the beds and clean them right down to the mattress, take down curtains, clean out closets. etc. etc. I’m armed with some new, great smelling essential oils to make my own, chemical free, cleaners. It sure would help put me even more into the mood to clean if the sun was shining. Hear that, Mr. Sun? You’ve been a slacker lately!

What’s on your mind these days?




One thought on “On my mind

  1. sarah says:

    It must be the ‘hunger stage’ that our kids are in right now…but yea, it seems like more often than not, I’m in the kitchen making food to feed my ‘starving’ kids! Smoothies are favorites here, too and I might have to try your idea of adding chia seeds. I keep thinking I’d like to type up a list of healthy, favorite, and FILLING 🙂 snacks and hang it inside a cupboard door to reference when I’m coming up short on ideas.

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