Have you ever gone through and purged your crafty supplies, only to come back later and rescue something from the heap? That’s what happened to me recently. These Tim Holtz Distress Stains that I’ve had for a very long time, and rarely used before, made it onto the pile of stuff to get rid of. But while pricing things for a scrapbooking yard sale I came across them again and decided I hadn’t given them a fair chance. After all, I use distress inks, stains, etc. a lot more now than I used to. I think I just didn’t really know how to use them back when I got them and so many people are creating such lovely projects with distress inks and stains now that there are so many great ideas out there. So, back onto my desk they went. And guess what? I actually sat down and played with them instead of storing them away for some distant future opportunity (or to be thrown on the to-get-rid-of pile again later). Yay me!

Distress inks/stains/paints/markers are such fun products. I love to play around with them because of the way they react to water. Adding water droplets causes the ink to move around and make these awesome splotches. I just watched a great tutorial yesterday about how you can watercolor with your distress markers and take advantage of the way the ink moves when water is added. So cool! Playing around with these makes one feel all artistic and stuff!

I only own three colors of the distress stains, so I used them all to make this fun background. The distress stains come in bottles with a little sponge dauber at the top, so you can apply them straight from the bottle. I swiped each color across my paper and then added water droplets. I wanted large droplets, so I dipped my fingers in some water and let the water drop from my fingers. If you hold your fingers together, the water runs together off your fingers and create nice, large drops.


I just bought this Amy Tangerine sticker last week (ironically, at the very shop where I took my purged items to sell) and it just so happens to match so very well to the colors of distress stain I used. How very serendipitous! Plus, it also has this fun watercolor look about it that goes so well with the background. I didn’t even intend to use these together!

I applied the sticker to a white piece of card stock, then cut it out in the basic shape of the sticker before adhering it to my card with foam adhesive. I also used a die cut flower accent, also from Amy tangerine, which I cut in half and added to each side of the card. I finished it off with some Prima gems and some white Mister Huey.

So, have you ever rescued something from the discard pile? I’d love to hear about it!

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