Happy Birthday Deer

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Do you love the deer head trend that’s been so very popular lately? I have to say that in the beginning I wasn’t so sure I liked it. But then it grew on me. And having a husband and two sons who love the outdoors, and having a home where we frequently see deer in our backyard, I was surprised by how often the deer fit in with a lot of my projects.

I’ve really been into all things woodsy and outdoorsy for a while now. I think it has to do with the setting of our home. Many evenings we look out our windows and watch the deer nibble their way through the woods bordering our back yard. We often spot as many as eight at one time. Not to mention the squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and all other manner of wildlife we get to witness from day to day. It made a lot of sense to me to bring the nature theme into my home decor as well. Over Christmas time I was thrilled to find the white deer figurines at Target to use as Christmas decor. Nature is always a great place to find inspiration.

This card is a pretty quick and unfussy one. Just a bit of stamping, a bit of patterned paper, and some simple embellishments. I’m usually more in need of masculine birthday cards since I tend to make a lot of cards that lean more towards the feminine style, so this card is a great one to keep in my stash for that perfect time.

IMG_6561I know I was MIA last week. Most of my spare moments last week were spent with a paintbrush in hand. My plan to paint my son’s room while they were off from school for the huge snow storm kind of back fired and didn’t happen quite the way I was anticipating.  So, the project that I hoped to complete in a weekend ended up taking more than twice that long. But I’m happy to say that all the painting is done and now we can move on to the fun and exciting part of decorating! I’ve got my eye on some red lockers on Craigslist that I’m hoping we can snag before they’re gone. I think they would look very cool in his bedroom.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are excited about the week ahead. I know I am! Here’s to a great week, everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your visits means so much to me!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Deer

  1. Sarah says:

    I am eager to see pics of your painting project!! I’m still at the rolling-ideas-around-in-my-head stage for my boys’ bedrooms!

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