So many hearts


Good morning, friends! I’ve got a lot to share this week, after a quiet blog week last week.

I have lots of fun heart themed projects to share. Not necessarily just for Valentine’s Day, but ones that could be given year round.  Let’s get started with this heart-filled card.

ETA: I am entering this card into the Moxie Fab World Happy For Hexagons Challenge. Click on over and check it out! There’s still plenty of time to enter, if you wish!

The base of this card was included in a package of cards I got from the goodie bag swap I did a few weeks ago. I like the hexagon shaped embossed design on this card. I had lots of tiny little hearts left over from making my own goodie bags and so I thought they would look really cute nestled in the hexagons of this card.

I misted a bunch of the little hearts with red and yellow mist, allowed them to dry, then placed them here and there on the card, adding a few enamel dots for good measure.


The sentiment is a stamp from Avery Elle. The twine is from American Crafts. I also added a sliver of a doily. Just a tiny bit to add a little bit of a lacy feel.


I’m happy to be back sharing my projects this week.

Seems like I’ve got too much on the brain these days. Hopefully there will be no snow delays and/or cancellations this week. My routine is so messed up and I feel slightly overwhelmed. So much to do, so much to focus on that I often just don’t know where to begin.

I haven’t said much about my dad’s health issues lately because I figure people have enough problems of their own, and who wants to hear all the details all the time anyway. But, having said that, if you could say a prayer for my dad, that would be so appreciated. He has had Myasthenia Gravis for several years, but was doing pretty well with it until recently when his symptoms came back full force, and manifested in a different way. He’s been in the hospital for the last few weeks. He’s been having problems with his speech, eyesight, vision, and swallowing and has had to have a feeding tube put in. The treatments they’ve been doing haven’t shown enough positive results to continue them, so an alternate treatment is our next option, but it could take months to see any positive results, which means the feeding tube will stay until they find a treatment that works for him. I know many of you know my story and know the struggle last year was for out family, and now having to face this seems daunting sometimes. There are lots of unknowns and lots of decisions that will need to be made. it feels overwhelming sometimes. But, I’m holding onto the hope that God has a plan and a purpose through all of this. Even though it’s hard to understand. I appreciate any prayers on my dad and my family’s behalf.

In other news, I’m a little on behind on my Life Scripted class from Studio Calico, but so far it’s been fun. I just need to find some time to practice. I’m sure I will share more scripted projects sometime soon.

Also, I haven’t been doing so well with my scrapbooking goals. I got a little bit done this weekend, and a page that I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow, but, yeah, other than that, not so much! Trying to figure out how to carve out time, but also, to really actually keep that time for scrapbooking and not fill it with other things. It’s a discipline I will need to learn. Why does it have to be so hard to take the time to do something I enjoy? (sigh)

Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate your visits! I hope you all have a beautiful week!

6 thoughts on “So many hearts

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    So sorry to hear about the issues with your dad! Praying that you find an alternative treatment and start seeing results quickly! I do love this card those, the misting on the hearts is lovely.

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