Photo Pocket Pages: Mixing pocket pages and 12″x12″ pages

Hey everyone!

As an update on my progress into my Operation Scrapbook mission, I thought I’d share a couple of the pages I completed at the crop the other weekend.

Several of you mentioned you have been thinking of mixing pocket pages and the traditional 12″x12″ pages in your books, so I thought maybe you’d enjoy seeing how I did mine.

Here is an example I did with the pocket page on the left and a traditional 12 x 12 on the right.


The photos are blurry for a a couple of reasons. #1. They’re older photos, taken before I got a nice camera. I edited them a little bit, but not much. #2 They are in the page protector which leaves a  bit of a glare. Sorry about that. There wasn’t much I could do about it.

I wanted to show some continuity between the right and the left because they are photos are from the same event. So I chose to use some of the same colors, design elements (like the slanted card stock) and patterned papers on both sides.

These pages are very simple. I did not add any embellishments to either side this time. I’m keeping most of my pocket pages fairly simple so I can get more done more quickly.

I’m already obsessed with the cute little pocket scrapbooking inserts that are out there to buy right now! I just started, but I already have a nice collection. How did that happen? I love the patterns and they often have great quotes and sayings on them, which means there is no other title needed. My favorites right now are from We R Memory Keepers and Project Life, but it seems every manufacturer has them these days. And, as an added bonus, those little inserts make really cute and quick cards!

It took me a while to get the hang of scrapbooking this way. But, I’ll get lots more practice this weekend. I’m heading to a weekend long scrapbook retreat and I, quite simply, cannot wait! I’m all stocked up on pocket pages. Just need to make sure I have tons of photos, plenty of adhesive, and nice comfy PJ’s. Oh, and chocolate and music 🙂

Operation Scrapbook is well under way!

2 thoughts on “Photo Pocket Pages: Mixing pocket pages and 12″x12″ pages

  1. Sarah says:

    Neat idea of blending the two styles! I love my We R Memory Keepers photo pages!….I would be happier yet if there were more pages that had photos in them and aren’t just blank pages! 🙂
    Enjoy your scrapbooking getaway–sounds like a great way to rejuvenate!

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