A bounty of Autumn Cards

Thank you:IMG_4851

Hello, friends! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

This year Thanksgiving has found me feeling so grateful for so many deep and wonderful blessings God has given to us over the past year. It has been a tough year in so many ways. From loss and struggles, to joys and sweetness. Valleys and mountain tops, God is in it all. Both the hard times and triumphs. Both are blessings in their own way.

As many of you are most likely enjoying an array of delicious foods today (hello, candied sweet potatoes and stuffing, anyone? And turkey, of course), I wanted to share a little spread of my own with you. Not the edible kind, but one that will delight and satisfy your crafty senses. At least I hope it will. I have four cards to share today, so enjoy the buffet!

I created these Autumn themed cards with my beautiful sister-in-law in mind. I plan to take them all the way to Georgia to give to her in person. We are planning to spend our Thanksgiving Day in the South, so by the time many of you read this I may very well be chowing down on some collard greens and mashed taters. I do hope there will be some candied sweet potatoes too. Or maybe sweet potato pie? I want me some sweet potatoes! Mmmm! Thanksgiving isn’t quite complete to me without them.


I added die cut leaves to all my cards this time. For this one, I first punched some circles out of patterned paper and glued them down before die cutting the leaf shape. I like the mod, random look it created. I love how the cork tag adds the right touch of warmth and a natural element to this card.



I was really in the mood for pink this time. I don’t really tend to think of pink as an autumn color, but the pinks and blues in this card remind me of the incredibly gorgeous fall sunsets we sometimes have the privilege to see, where the sky is painted with brilliant pinks and oranges against the beautiful aqua sky. There is really nothing quite as gorgeous as an autumn sunset. We’ve seen some really breathtaking ones this year! So, I’m thinking pinks and pale blues actually might be quite appropriate for an autumn card, wouldn’t you agree?

IMG_4849The pink watercolor background was made by spritzing an acrylic block with mists before pressing it onto my paper. I’m really loving the wood grain leaves on this card. The black mist blotches remind me of the spots you see on the leaves in the fall as they begin to die and dry up.

Not all these card have an autumn-y sentiment, but I wanted my sister-in-law to have a couple of cards fit for other occasions too.

Grateful for you:


This one is such a simple card, but I love its simplicity. This card doesn’t boast your typical autumn color scheme either. But I like that about it.

IMG_4861I created a shaker card with my die cut negative and some sequins. Goodness, I love sequins! A bit of patterned paper, some green twine, and a typed sentiment finish it off.



This one’s a little more heavy on the techniques. I did some stamping, some stitching, some paint splatters, and some die cutting on this one. Again, pink found its way into this card. Told you I was in a pink mood! I love the pink and melon together here. Pink, melon and gold. Yes!


That wood grain label sticker in the background is an old, OLD one from Pink Paislee. It was so old that it was losing its stickiness. And, wanna know something funny? I’ve used those Martha Stewart doilies several times before, but I only discovered while making this card that they were self adhesive! I found that out when I thought I had two sticking together and pulled them apart. Ha! How is it that I didn’t notice that before? I think I have done that very same thing in the past with a packet of acrylic labels and such. I didn’t know until a long time later, after I had used them multiple times, that they were self adhesive. Seriously, I need big letters on my packages that say “girl, ya don’t need glue for this!”

I truly hope all of you have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, filled with good times, good food, lots of laughter, joy and family togetherness as you focus on your blessings!

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing part of your day with me!

2 thoughts on “A bounty of Autumn Cards

  1. sarah says:

    I love the way your creative eye and artistic touch appears on the cards you create! Your designs are so simple and fresh and yet so elegant! Beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…and safe travels!

  2. Miriam Prantner says:

    What a wonderful set of cards! I love the mix of patterns and layers and textures, these are all beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

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