Live Creatively


Hello! So sorry for the unexpected blog break! My computer is having some issues. Again. I think my computer has the most problems ever. Even when I get a new computer. Seems like a virus always finds me. I chalk it up to the kids playing games on here a lot. Hubby fixed the virus, but in the process somehow all my photo editing options got messed up, including photoshop. We’re currently working on getting those things corrected. Computers are awesome, until they don’t work properly.

Life’s been busy with Thanksgiving coming and basketball season starting up. Both my boys are playing this year. On the same team. They had their tip-off tournament on Friday and won every game! Go Falcons!

So, about the card. Everything I used here is from Studio Calico.

I’m currently giving a lot of thought to what it means to me to live  a creative life. And to live a beautiful life. I’ve been slowly working my way through a book called “A Million Little Ways” by Emily Freeman. SO good! That’s why I’m taking it slow. That and for the fact that I just don’t get/take a whole lot of time to read these days, but I’m trying. It takes me a while to finish a book. But this book is about discovering the art you were made to live. It explores the idea that God created all of us with His creative spirit instilled in us. It’s up to us to figure out how we should be using that creative spirit and finding the areas of giftings and talents we have been blessed with. It’s a lovely book and it speaks volumes to my heart about the very things I have been pondering a lot lately. I would encourage anyone to pick it up and read it. I plan to finish it, then go right back and begin reading it again. And take lots of notes next time. I want it all to sink in.


Along those same lines, I was excited to be able to spend an evening at the studio of a photographer friend of mine just a few days ago. It was a beautiful evening. The special touches and attention to detail were wonderful. She and her team talked about finding our personal style, which, to me, tied in perfectly with the book I mentioned, the sentiment on this card, and the thoughts that have been running through my head. Time will tell if any of those thoughts will manifest themselves here on the blog in some way, shape or form eventually or not. I’m just pondering and thinking for now.

What does it mean to you to live a creative life? Does your creativity flow into all the areas of your life, or is it limited to just one or two? What are some of the areas you feel you are the most creatively satisfied? Do you believe everyone is creative?

So many questions, I know. So, pick one, or two, and let me know what you’re thinking. I love hearing from you!

I’ll be back with another blog post on Thursday, so see you then! Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Live Creatively

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Yes! I do think we’re all made to create, what that is is different for everyone. I think for my hubby it’s making music, for me it’s crafty stuff, but we’re all made to make something.

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