Hi there!

As you can see, this is not the new series on finding inspiration that I had planned to bring you. In fact I had planned to begin the new series yesterday. However, after much consideration I have decided to postpone it for another week or so. With my dad in the ICU recovering from his open heart surgery and the time I plan to spend in the hospital with him as he recovers, I felt like I would not be able to do my best with the series right now. When my schedule is a little more manageable then I will share what I have been preparing for you. I’m sorry. I hope you understand.

In the meantime, I have this little number that I made using my Studio Calico kits. I used a Studio Calico mask and then smooshed my embossing pad all over it and then added white embossing powder. The end result is a fun and unstructured pattern. I love the way it looks with the mists over the top. So fun!

I’m also loving the stitching template that came with the kit a couple months ago. I stitched my letters and then cut them out before adhering them to my card.


Thank you to all of you who have been praying for my dad! He is doing really well. We were so blessed by how smoothly everything has gone so far. Praise God!

Last evening after I finally dropped into bed after spending most of the day at the hospital, including getting up at 4;30 to head to the hospital to get there on time for his surgery, I felt so worn out and overwhelmed. It was physically exhausting to be there for my dad all day, but also emotionally draining. Not only because my dad was undergoing major surgery, but it was at the very same hospital that my mom was in before she passed away five months ago. I waited on my dad in the same ICU waiting room that we spent so many difficult days in not so very long ago. It was hard for all of us to have to go back so soon.

And last night as I struggled to go to sleep, even though I was exhausted, and today as I thought about the days and weeks of recovery ahead for my dad and how that will demand more of my time when I already felt like my schedule was as full (and more so) than I wanted it to be, I felt so overwhelmed and wondered how I would handle it all. This last half year has been so tough and this felt like just one.more.thing. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Then, this afternoon, while I was reading a devotional book that a sweet friend gave me soon after my mother’s death, and what I read was just what I needed to hear at the moment. It spoke right to my heart and brought such peace and comfort to me. I thought I’d share it here in case any of you need encouragement in this area as well.

“Come to me for rest and refreshment. The journey has been too much for you, and you are bone-weary. Do not be ashamed of your exhaustion. Instead, see it as an opportunity for ME to take charge of your life. Remember that I can fit everything into a pattern for good, including the things you wish were different. Start with where you are at this point in time and space, accepting that this is where I intend you to be. You will get through today one step, one moment at a time.Your main responsibility is to remain attentive to Me, letting Me guide you through the many choices along your pathway. This sounds like an easy assignment, but it is not. Your desire to live in My Presence goes against the grain of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Much of your weariness results from your constant battle against these opponents. However, you are on the path of MY choosing, so do not give up! Hope in Me, for you will again praise ME for the help of My Presence.”

SO good, right? I love that devotional book! So many times it has spoken right to my immediate need. It’s amazing, really. If you’d like to get yourself a copy, it’s called “Jesus Calling” and it’s written by Sarah Young.

I’m off to bed. Heading off to the hospital again tomorrow.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I so enjoy your visits!

3 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Catherine O. says:

    Brenda I will be praying for you, your dad and your entire family. God is with you and will give you the strength to get through all of this. He has already supplied you with more strength than you could possibly have on your own thank goodness we have Him. Find rest my friend!

  2. Miriam Prantner says:

    Wonderful mixed media card. Get back to the regularly scheduled programming when you are ready to, take time to do what needs to be done!

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