Let us lay in the sun + some winners!!

I’ve got some tomatoes cooking on the stove at this very moment, so in between my batches of tomato sauce I thought that I’d hop on in real quick and share a card and the winners of the stamp giveaway.

001The days of summer are winding down for us. School begins next week, and we don’t know how it’s gone by so quickly! These last few days have been beautiful, weather wise. A little chilly, especially at night, and certainly not warm enough to head off to the pool. But they’ve been perfect for the kids to play outside, to enjoy the great outdoors, the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair, before they head back once again to their school desks. I know my kids have been enjoying these last few days in the sun.

I did some stitching on this card. I pierced some holes for my embroidery floss and then just strung it through, leaving the strands long to mimic the rays of a sun. The cloud stickers and patterned paper pieces are from Simple Stories. The chipboard piece is from October Afternoon.


OK, how about some winners?

I’m picking two winners, one for each package of stamps. So here we go.

Winner of package #1:

Beth M. who said:

“Here from sunny AZ; although it is overcast today so we too may get rain as it is our monsoon season. Thanks for the opportunity to win some MSS stamps (they had some great ones). =)”

and the winner of package #2:

Barbara H. who said:

“What a lovely thing to do, thank you! Your generosity makes me smile! :-)

Congrats, ladies! I’d love to get these sent out to you, so please contact me with your information!

Thanks to all of you for commenting and sharing! It made me smile to see folks sharing and liking Sweet Paper Treats on facebook.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Congrats, ladies!

4 thoughts on “Let us lay in the sun + some winners!!

  1. Beth M. says:

    This card reminds me of our sunshine in AZ! I’m so excited & thankful to see I won a stamp set from your giveaway…Thank you, again!!!! =)

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