Scrappy Saturday- favorite moments


That daughter of mine just loves to be around babies. She’s always been that way. If I had a dollar for every time she’s asked for a baby sibling I’d be pretty wealthy by now. She’s already got her future family pretty much all planned out. She wants two boys and two girls. One day I kiddingly asked her if she wanted 12 babies and she laughed and said “No way! That’s too many weddings!”. So, not only has she thought about her future kids, but she’s also thought about their futures too. I liked babies when I was a kid too, but I’m pretty sure I never thought that far into the future. I mean, this girl wants to have a profession that includes kids. She’s talked about either being a teacher or an NICU nurse. But she also wants to be a mom more than anything.

I guess she gets her love of babies from both parents. Eric and I both love babies and small children. When I come across a photo of an adorable baby I always share it with her, and we giggle and saw “aww” together. Can’t help it. Babies are just so stinkin’ cute!!

She’s blessed to have some younger cousins to spoil right now. If they let her. They’re at the age where they’re just beginning to experience some independence, so they don’t always appreciate being picked up and carried. But she is in her element when they let her. She has a baby cousin right now that she just adores being able to help take care of. But we don’t get to see him often since his family lives in the south. She’s counting on her aunts to have a few more babies for her to enjoy. C’mon aunts!! 🙂


I made this page to document her love of spending time with the tiny people in her life. Especially her little cousins, Daisy and Haven. Such cuties!

003My favorite part of this page is the Studio Calico vellum die cuts along the left side. These die cuts came with various Studio Calico kits and I struggled with knowing what to do with them. Then I came up with the idea to use them all on the same page. I stitched them down with my sewing machine and added some silver paint splatters. I love how it turned out, and it was a great way to use them all up.

Everything on this page is from various Studio Calico kits with the exception of the small chipboard hearts, the gray ribbon, and the shipping tag.

So whatcha doing today? The boys in our family are away today, so that girl of mine and I plan to do a few chores and then head off to do something fun together. I’m sure it will involve a stop at Barnes and Noble.

Hope your day is lovely!



2 thoughts on “Scrappy Saturday- favorite moments

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Adorable photo! I really love how you used the vellum pieces with the stitching, so soft and pretty!

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