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Hey there! It’s been a while. I’m the world’s most inconsistent blogger sometimes. The summer just has a way of slipping by, doesn’t it? A week can fly by without me really even realizing it.

I was just talking with my daughter this morning about the fact that in another week or so it will be August. School begins in August! At the end of August, but still, August!! Her little face fell as she realized we only have a couple of weeks of summer vacation left.

We’ve been having a fantastic summer. We’ve done so much in the past two months. Had so much fun. And we plan to squeeze as much fun as we can out of the next few weeks before we have to say good bye to another summer vacation. We’d still like to visit an Amusement park. And maybe the zoo. Plus, we’ve been talking about a trip to Gettysburg, and we have a beach weekend trip coming up. Summer needs to be longer, just saying!

011This card is one I made quite a while ago and never got around to sharing here. It’s made with some older Authentique products and some no longer available Market Street Stamps. But I still love the design of it. Triangles and squares seem to be all the rage right now, but I still like me some circles every now and then. I’m loving the cork accents. I need to use cork more often. I love the warmth and dimension it adds.

In other news:

  • I’m trying to decide right now between purchasing photoshop or a new lens for my camera. I keep going back and forth. Sometimes I think I need the lens more, and then other times photoshop. I can’t get both right now, so it’s one or the other.Which one would you pick?
  • Sometimes these days we go strait from our PJ’s to our swim suits. These kids of mine would spend all day at the pool, every day, if I’d let them. I’m not going to say how late I sometimes stay in my PJ’s. Don’t judge!
  • I’ve been the the worst cooking slump ever! I haven’t felt like cooking for months! I’m just glad it’s summer and I can keep fresh fruit on hand for fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits. Last evening I made spaghetti, because that doesn’t require much thought to make. Even looking through the delicious recipes I have pinned on Pinterest hasn’t put me in the mood. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have the desire to cook again. What’s up with that???
  • did you know that you can now follow Sweet Paper Treats on facebook? Check out the link in my sidebar, or click here to find Sweet Paper Treats on facebook.

Here’s a little sneak at a page I’ve been working on. Will share soon.






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