On my desk…neon and neutrals


Hey! How’s it going? It’s a rainy day here and my little girl is running a fever, so I guess our plans to spend the afternoon at the pool have been dashed. Oh well. More time to get chores done then, right? Yay. Notice I did not say “Yay!”. There is a difference.

Anyway, last evening I was working on finishing up some projects for the Paper Crafts call that ended last evening and I noticed that my little envelope of leftovers was getting a little bit full again. When I’m working on projects I always seem to have those little random bits floating around that don’t seem to be worth the effort it takes to actually find a permanent spot for them. You know, tiny buttons, little bits of punched paper shapes, embellishments that have lost their original packaging, etc. etc. I like to gather these things into a clear envelope so I  can see the contents and then challenge myself from time to time to make a card using just the pieces from my envelope, and some card stock, of course.

So I pulled out some fun circles punched from a gold doily, an embellishment I made a while ago, a stamped sentiment that didn’t make it on to the project it was intended for, a button , star sequins, and a star shaped chipboard piece.


I really love to challenge myself to use up those little pieces that I’ve saved up. It’s really kind of fun to sift through those little pieces to pick out a few that I think will work together on a card. I love the pop of neon with all the other neutral embellishments.

Oh, and I’m in the market for some new inks. I’d love to hear about your favorite inks. Do you love pigment or dye ink? I’m a dye ink kind of girl. But I’d love to hear your opinions!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your day is splendid!

One thought on “On my desk…neon and neutrals

  1. JeanD says:

    Love your combination of neutrals with that pop of neon. Wish my cards made from left overs looked as well put together. I like dye inks and chalk inks best.

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