watercolor series- two techniques in one!

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It’s a two-fer this time around! We’re going to take a look at two watercolor techniques today in the watercolor series. If you missed the first posts in this series, check out the links below.

Color Outside the Lines
Just Brush it On


I made a scrapbook page this time because even though I often think to do watercoloring on my cards and not so much my scrapbook pages, I wanted to show you how easy it is to incorporate techniques such as these into other paper crafting projects as well as cards.

I LOVE to put drops of mist or paint onto my pages, and lots of times my pages don’t feel quite complete until I’ve added those fun drips of color. You can do the same with some watercolors and a brush, and the good part about that is the fact that watercolors usually come in a package with lots of colors. so instead of buying each little individual bottle of mist in every color, you get lots of colors all at once for a fraction of the price! I used some cool blues here.


I used a pretty large, round brush and loaded it up liberally with water and lots of paint and then flecked it onto my page. If you use enough water ou can get it to drip off the end of the brush in nice, large blobs.

The other technique I used is making a photo mat by brushing on some color. I used grey in the area I wanted to place my photo collage and then placed the collage on top when it was dry.


Almost everything I used on this page was from various Studio Calico kits. The one thing that wasn’t from my kits is that little “love” speech bubble die cut. I made that from my new Silhouette Cameo! I got it a few weeks ago and I Loooove it!! If you’re looking to buy one, I recommend dickblick.com. Look for a coupon. I got my Cameo for $188 (with a 20% off coupon). That is by far the best price I’ve seen anywhere!

I made the collage from some of my Instagram photos of things I really love right now. These little photos of my happy things brings a smile to my face! What I love about Instagram is that I can take photos and post them anytime, anywhere. That means I get little snippets of my life saved to enjoy later. I find I’m capturing more of the things that I really love, and that makes me happy!

Before I go, let me remind you that if you haven’t voted yet in the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol challenge, I hope you will! Go here to the contest page and register, then go here and VOTE FOR ME!! Thanks a million!

As always, thanks for stopping by! You always brighten my day!

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