Fun news!!

Hi, my friends! I’m sitting here on my bed in my hotel room, enjoying the morning sunshine streaming through the window. Eric and and I haven been enjoying our weekend away so far, and I wasn’t planning on blogging while we’re away. But I just had to let you all know about the really fun news I received yesterday!


I’m thrilled, excited, and honored to be among the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol top 20!!! You can read the exciting announcement, as well as check out everyone’s fabulous cards over on the Paper Crafts Connections blog.

I kind of decided to enter some cards at the last minute. On the last day for entering I made my three allowed cards and entered them just a few hours before the deadline. Then I kind of forgot all about it until someone congratulated me on facebook! With all the end of school year stuff and trying to get everyone ready for the weekend, it never even once entered my mind that yesterday was the day that the top 20 would be revealed. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting to even get in the top 20! But here I am!

That means I’ll be racking my brain to come up with something really fabulous for the next round. I’m up against some really stiff competition, because all these ladies are so incredibly talented!  I hope you’ll come along for the ride, join in on the fun, and PLEASE VOTE!!!! For me, hopefully! LOL! But may the most deserving gal win!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Fun news!!

  1. JeanD says:

    Congratulations, you deserve it. Hope that you do really well in the next round too and that your anniversary weekend has revitalised both of you. 17 years is a great achievement.

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