Pub cards: Paper Crafts Magazine- May/June 2013


I just received the latest issue of Paper Crafts Magazine in the mail this week. I always love to receive it, especially if any of my cards happen to grace the pages. This time I have three cards in the magazine, although all of them appear in the digital version only. Did you know that each month Paper Crafts Magazine offers digital only content, above and beyond what you’ll find in your print issue? You can read all about the benefits of the digital content on this blog post over at the Paper Crafts Connections blog.

All three of my cards appear in the ” Raiding the Kitchen” feature of the magazine, which highlights cards made using kitchen supplies in a unique way. I thought I’d pick my favorite of the three to share with you today.


This card is a favorite for a few reasons. One, I adore the color scheme. A neutral paired with bright, colorful accents always makes me happy. This time green and orange bring a punch of color. I also love the chipboard leaf accents.

Can you guess which kitchen supply I used on this card? Give up? The flower is actually made out of designer cupcake liners. I made them by snipping out the round bottoms and folding them up into a flower shape. Fun, huh?


Some other things that make this card a favorite are the spiral paper slivers. Those curly things were made by cutting very thin strips of paper and winding them around a pencil so they’d curl up. How cute would these be as accents to a pumpkin accent, or grapes cluster? I also really love the tiny metallic paint spritzes on this card. They are nice and shiny, hopefully you can see that in the photos. I think the metallic paint just adds a little glam to the card, but not too much to detract from the casual feel of the design.

My other cards that appear in this digital version of the magazine use twist ties and drinking straws! Go on over and check it out! There are a lot of amazing cards in the digital isssue that don’t appear in the print version. If you’re already a subscriber to the print magazine, just let Paper Crafts know you’d also like to receive access to the digital version for free! Otherwise, you can chose to subscribe to either the print version, the digital version, or both over at the Paper Crafts Magazine website.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Pub cards: Paper Crafts Magazine- May/June 2013

  1. JeanD says:

    That is a really cool card. You are right the neutral with bright colours is really fresh and the flower is very clever. Congrats on having the cards “published” – it counts in my book. I’ll have to look out for your other cards

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