such a rule breaker!

Hi! How’ve you been?

We came through hurricane Sandy OK. No water in the basement. No power outages. No damage to report. We had a lot of rain, but not as much as we were bracing for, and a lot of high winds. The wind sounded like a freight train bearing down on us! But we are all OK and no worse for wear. I know many around here are still without power, but our hearts and prayers are going out to those along the coast who have lost and endured so much! The photos are heart breaking! So much devastation! Please continue to keep those most affected by this storm in your thoughts and prayers.

I thought that being holed up inside would mean I’d get a lot of crafting done. I don’t know about you, but for me it seems like when there’s something like this happening that I really don’t get much of anything done at all! I did the laundry, watched the news, checked in on facebook, cleaned up the house, watched the news, checked in on facebook, made dinner, watched a movie with the family, watched the news, checked in on facebook. See what I mean? I did get a few things done, but with the family home I just couldn’t quite find my groove.

BUT…I did make a card to share with you! I had to have something to show for my days stuck here at home! Well, I actually did a scrapbook page and an art journal page too. I’ll share them with you later.

Here’s the card, and the reason for the title of my post.

I’ve been debating whether or not to actually purchase that Hero arts neon ink ever since it first came out. How long would a neon trend really last anyway? Would I get my money’s worth out of it? Well, I took the plunge (and got just one, mind you), so neon had better just stick around for a while!! Or I’ll be like one of those who just can’t let go of a trend long after it’s dead and gone. You know, like when you see someone who is still wearing the same clothes and hair that were stylish twenty years ago because they never realized everyone else had moved on?

Ahh….but that’s not what I mean by being a rule breaker. That’s being a trend follower. See, what I mean by breaking the rule is that when I first made this card I had only added FOUR embellishments. Four of those little green enamel dots. And every designers knows, or should know, that one of the rules of good design is to always use an odd number of embellishments. While I argued over that rule in my head I felt a tiny bit of rebellion rising up in me, and I thought to myself that it actually looks good with four, and who says I need an odd number any way? Rules are meant to be broken by the daring, right? It’s my card and I’ll do as I please!

But then…do you know what happened? I stared at that card. And stared some more. And realized something just wasn’t right. So, you know what I did? I took off one of those little green enamel dots and added two sequins instead. Which means…yeah, that’s right.  I’m not such a rule breaker after all!

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Hope your day is happy!

Thanks for stopping by!

also used:
patterned paper from Crate Paper and October Afternoon

4 thoughts on “such a rule breaker!

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    So glad to hear you guys made it through OK! We lost power for about 20 hours, but house is dry and intact and we were able to hang out at my parents who did have power during the day (power didn’t go off until after the girls were in bed thank goodness….and what kid doesn’t like ice cream for breakfast?!) Great card, love the neon and the dots….I am also not a rule breaker….

  2. karenladd says:

    I’m so glad to hear you are safe and dry. I’ve been watching the news for days and feeling so badly for those in the path of the storm. I really appreciate the good weather we’ve been having when I see what others have been dealing with.
    Love that pop of neon pink in your card!!! I was given some neon colored ink pads years ago and barely used them but I think I’ll pull them out and play while they’re still in fashion!

  3. shartl says:

    What a fun card you made. And I have also struggled at times about whether to follow the rules of design or just go for something different because it feels right! Glad you stretched and became a card-rebel…ha ha!

  4. Mary-Anne V. says:

    So glad to hear that you survived Sandy without much trouble. We did the same here… so sad to see what others are dealing with in NY and NJ. Love how nicely the neon sentiment stands out on your card. Also the blue and neon pink work so well together…thanks for sharing.

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