Dear Summer…


You were so good to us! You gave us:

many happy hours at the pool

a wonderful family vacation

a fun trip with friends

a bounty of nature’s gifts from the earth to delight our taste buds

a chance to enjoy the ocean

several fun filled summer camps for the kids to enjoy

sunshine on our shoulders

lots of together time with the family

sleepovers and parties

lots of picnics and reunions

and so much more!

We enjoyed having you around so much and we hate to see you go! You always seem to be in such a  hurry to leave. I wish you’d slow down and let us enjoy you a bit longer. We’d like to catch more fireflies, eat more watermelon, stay up later.

But, the world keeps turning, the seasons keep on changing. We will look forward with anticipation for all that your successor, autumn, brings us. And until we see you again, good-by, summer! It sure was good having you around! And, please, won’t you stay just a teensy bit longer next time?


The kids boarded the bus this morning for their first day back to school. We’ve got one heading to 8th grade, one to 6th grade, and one to 2nd grade. Only one of them was excited to go back. Can you guess which one?

It seemed the summer went even faster than usual and we were caught off guard when it seemed to abruptly come to an end. It was a good, and very very busy summer. We didn’t get nearly everything done that we wanted to. Lots of things we had planned to do just didn’t happen. With weekends packed full and trying to catch our breath in between, well, we just couldn’t do it all. But that’s OK. We’ll try again another time.

I’m also blogging over on the Market Street Stamps blog today. I’m sharing this card and some details on how I made it.


Also, I wanted to let you all know that winner of the Bazzill Card Swap giveaway is:

Catherine Oakley!! 

“This sounds like a great way to see how other people use the same products in a different way….really good way to get the creative juices flowing!”

Congratulations, Catherine!! I sent you an email. I hope you enjoy your prize immensely!

Do you love Bazzill? I do. Love their card stock. The textured 12×12 is what I often use for my scrapbook pages. And I love their new Card Shoppe card stock. It’s so perfect for cards. Nice and thick and sturdy. If you love Bazzill as much as I do, keep on the the lookout for a new Bazzill giveaway coming to Sweet Paper Treats very soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a lovely day!

5 thoughts on “Dear Summer…

  1. Mary-Anne V. says:

    My kids went off to school but I have one very lonely preschooler with me today…shall be fun. Glad to see you had a great summer.

  2. Miriam Prantner says:

    I’m guessing the 2nd grader was the excited one. Ellie starts kindergarten next week and is beside herself…me too as I’ll be working part time then. What a wonderful, full summer you had!

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