Take a hint! {part 2}

edited to add: Sorry, my posts got mixed up somehow. This one was originally going to go up first. But it really makes no difference, I guess. It was just a bit confusing. Have fun guessing!

Hints for set #2:

1. I recently purchased a hair accessory similar to this one from a fabulous shop called Whippy Cake. They’re apparently sold out of the one I bought, but I love the entire collection!

2. A Youtube video of some street performers in Glasgow.

3. Isn’t this bedroom so pretty?

I found this photo on Pinterest, but wasn’t able to find the original source. I wish I knew where it came from so I could give proper credit. If anyone knows, please share!

So there you have the three little hints at my new stamp sets! I’ll be choosing a random winner from these comments to receive one of my new stamp sets!

Remember to stop by the Market Street Stamps blog tomorrow for more sneaks at more great new sets. Then we’ll have more fun on Wednesday with sneaks of the last three set being released on Thursday, including my two sets. Yippee!!

Have fun, and thanks for playing along! Hugs!

10 thoughts on “Take a hint! {part 2}

  1. Karen B. says:

    I’d say it has something to do with feathers, because there is one in your new logo! Possibly dream catchers, or dream weavers, a play on your last name? Either way, totally excited for you!

  2. shartl says:

    Not sure what your stamp set will be but wow is that photo beautiful! Let’s see, stars and tassles (from the hair ornament)…..

  3. Sharon Huffman says:

    Ok so I’m confused too, but that’s the nature of guessing games, right? Someone already mentioned dream weaver and I can’t remember what the other hanging thing is called, bit I’m thinking Indian with feather headdress, bow and arrow. But then where do the ribbons and rosettes fit in? Girl you’re good!

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  5. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Wow you are pretty creative with your hints… I think there will be some feathers (owls?), and the stars make me think of a space theme… you’ve got me stumped! But its fun to guess.

  6. Liz O says:

    How fun is this, you are very good at the art of guessing games!!! My guess is thet it has something to do with Thanks Giving season and embellisments.
    Have a lovely day!

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