Typical first born

Hey, sweeties! How are you!

Goodness, how’s that for sporadic? Last week I blogged nearly every day, and this week so far, not once. Unless you count now.

My kids are outside right now trying to earn a few bucks with a lemonade and fresh baked cookies stand.  They were all set to go yesterday when a storm kicked up, so they had to postpone it. Bummer, because today isn’t the sunniest of days. Not the kind that makes you all hot and sweaty and hankering for a nice, tall cup of cold lemonade. Oh well. I think they made $9 so far, and I’m pretty sure they’ll try it again another day. The cookies seemed to be a big hit. I did take photos, but my oldest told me “do NOT put those on facebook!”. He didn’t say anything about my blog, but I’m assuming he meant that as well. So, I will respect his wishes and kindly refrain from posting any photos anywhere of my adorable kids and their adorable lemonade stand. You’ll just have to imagine it instead!

Speaking of my oldest, I have a scrapbook page to share that I did yesterday.


I don’t put a lot of stock in the whole birth order thing, although I do think there is something to where we fall in line in the birth order that does affect our personality and outlook on life. I think probably most people probably see some birth order traits in themselves. I say I don’t put much stock in it because I don’t want to put anyone in a box. There are so many variables and lots of exceptions to the rules and I don’t want to label my kids too much and expect them to act a certain way just because of where they fall in the birth order.

However, my son is such a typical first born! Leadership skills. Check. Organized. Check. Responsible. Check. Eager to please. Check. I mean, if you read the traits of a typical first born, it describes him to a T.

Journaling reads: Born leader. Organized. determined. Responsible. Reliable. Eager to Please. All great qualities to have, my son. I’m so proud of you!

I used quite a bit of Studio Calico in this layout. I got the entire collection pack of papers from the Abroad line because I love it so much.

I made this page for a contest they’re holding at a crop I’m attending on Saturday. Perhaps I should have waited to share, since I don’t know if anyone who will be there will be reading this or not.  But since I didn’t have anything else worth blogging, well, I’m sharing it anyway.

This layout is based on this sketch by Valerie Salmon.

also used:
patterned paper: Stampin’ Up! (discontinued)
rub-ons: Kaisercraft (Secret Bird Society collection)

3 thoughts on “Typical first born

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Great layout! I love abroad too! The birth order thing is interesting. I think my oldest definitely has those traits….but definitely NOT my older sister. Ha ha. Lemonade and cookies sound good!

  2. karenladd says:

    I got a giggle out of your son’s admonition to you not to put the photos on FAcebook!! Ha ha…celebrity can be the pits, right? And funny that you should be talking about birth order and effects on personality because my hubby did his dissertation on that very subject.
    Anyway, I love your layout…always looking for ideas for masculine layouts. The placement of your embellishments is awesome…!

  3. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Ha great layout…when you were talking about the typical traits of the first born I need to agree my son is the same.

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