Simple summer joys

I guess I’ve kind of been a stranger ’round these parts lately, haven’t I? If you accuse me of being neglectful of this blog of mine and not updating as often as I should, well, guilty as charged. But sometimes real life is busy, a little (or a lot) more exciting, and I don’t always have the motivation for blogging. So, I reserve the right to take a breather every once in a while. Especially when that means I’m off spending time with my family and/or expressing my creativity in other ways.

Summer is always a challenging time for me as far as blogging goes. There are a million things to do and so much fun to be had! In the last few weeks we’ve been swimming…

spending time with friends, being silly with cousins…

gardening, picnicking, camping, playing in the creek, and decorating…

And as I typed that last part I realized I haven’t been very good at keeping you all updated on what’s been happening in our lives. A few months ago we were planning on moving and had put an offer on the house. That deal feel through, and so we’ve decided we’re staying here for several more months while keeping our eyes open for a property that’s just right for us. We have an idea of what we want. We just have to wait for the right time and the right one to come by.

So…since we’re staying a little longer I decided to do a little bit of redecorating in the kids’ rooms. Nothing much. Just a few small things we’ll be able to take with us when we do eventually move. Like new throw pillows and blankets, new shelves, and the quick and easy frames shown above. Using frames I had on hand, or recently found at a thrift shop, I was able to make a few cute art pieces for Chloe’s room. I made one for the boys room as well by simply framing a piece of patterned paper. I may do another one or two and I’ll be sure to share those with you too.

This week is another busy week, filled with July 4th celebrations, sleep overs, more swimming, crafting for publications, and finishing up some more cleaning and decorating. It never ends, does it? But life is full and happy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Got any great plans for the 4th? Stay safe and enjoy yourselves! I’ll try my best to be back later with more crafty inspiration, OK?

Chat soon!


3 thoughts on “Simple summer joys

  1. karenladd says:

    Fabulously fun photos of your summer antics and I just love your framed art pieces! I need to make something like that for my grand-daughter!

  2. Liz O says:

    Lovely pics Brenda!, thanks for sharing. I totally understand, eventhough our children are not vere outdoorsy because of me -I am ashamed to say -and we have not done much swimming, but we had a very busy June, we took a very long trip- on my hubby’s words, LOL-, we spend a week on a beautiful beach, 2 weeks at my mom’s and one at the inlaws’ so for now We are kind of resting from our gateaway, LOL! it seems that July will not be much different, we went to the local zoo yesterday, my child said we were kinda waking up the animals, hehehe, we tried to beat the heat so we were there as soon as they opened the doors and have a lot planned for the week… Anyhow, TFS your frame ideas, it is a great and quick way to redecorate when you get to your new home whenever that might be, and to make the transition easier, I have done something like that and it does help a lot….
    Have a lovely week!

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