total Mom brag post!

Have I ever told you about my son? Well, I have two of them, both of which I think are equally awesome.

But let me tell you about my oldest.

This is Nathaniel. He’s 13, and quite the young entrepreneur. A couple of years ago he got into making things out of duct tape. Mostly wallets, along with a few other things, like bracelets, etc. His friends at school soon began noticing his cool duct tape creations and started asking him to make some for them. And his little business was born.

His success with selling his duct tape items to his class mates led him to open his own Etsy shop called TapeWorksand get his own YouTube channel.

Through his Etsy shop, he’s been contacted to do Bar Mitzvahs in New York and New Jersey, so our young man is beginning to get around.

Last weekend a friend of mine and I both took our two sons (hers and mine) to Avon, Ohio to the annual Duct tape Festival. The boys had a blast.

Here’s a few photos of us in the craft tent.

That’s a very cool Mario wallet Nathaniel is holding in his hand. It was one of the winners in a contest he entered a while ago. Lots of people were asking to see it, and even take photos of it :). He’s also sporting a duct tape necktie he made. I think he looks pretty darn cute!

This is my younger son, Isaiah. He’s not into duct tape very much, but he had fun making things anyway.

And, yes, I made a couple of things too. It’s hard to tell, but that’s a finger puppet bird I’m holding. I also made a couple of other things, because there was nothing else to do while I waited for the kids to finish making their things. After I ruined a couple of perfectly good pieces of duct tape because they kept sticking together I decided that this duct tape thing isn’t quite for me. I’ll stick with paper. Haha! “Stick” with paper! Get it? Never mind.

But there was a parade, duct tape “celebrities” to meet, cool stuff made out of duct tape to look at, and even a duct tape fashion contest.

But, the excitement continues for Nathaniel. This week he had a journalist for a local magazine come to interview him for an article she’s writing about him. It should be out in September sometime.

We’re so excited for him and so proud of the hard work and determination Nathaniel has shown in growing his own little business. He’s got his daddy’s business brain, that’s for sure!

So, if you’d like get a unique, one-of-a-kind, hand made gift for someone, check out Nathaniel’s shop. He’s always happy to make custom designs for people when they ask. I can tell you that he’s a perfectionist with  an amazing attention to detail. His items are very well made with careful attention given to the construction and design of each piece. No shoddy, sloppy work with this guy! His wallets make great gifts for dads, grads, young kids and teens, and moms too! I hope you’ll go check it out!

For just a quick little update on life here in the Weaver household, it’s been a little crazy. Next week my boys will be away, so I expect next week to be much quieter and slower paced, which is good. I think I need it. I haven’t been crafting much, but I do have some very fun and exciting things I’ve been working on that I can hardly wait to tell you about! Soon, I hope. Eeeks!! I’m excited!

I hope your summer’s been going well. What kinds of fun summer activities have you been up to? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



7 thoughts on “total Mom brag post!

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    You should totally brag! I hope you are printing this out….you can scrap it next week when he is gone!

  2. Sharon B. says:

    WOW! I’d be bragging too you have definite bragging rights here! And Nathaniel awesome dude! Keep up the great work, you have some wonderful things going on! I’m headed over to check out the etsy shop right now = ))

  3. karenladd says:

    What fun to read about your amazingly talented son! You must be so proud of both of them..and what a great thing to be able to share your crafting! Gotta go check out his Etsy shop….too cool!

  4. Charla Anne says:

    What a cute and talented boy you have! I just love the neck tie he made. My son went through a spell where he made all kinds of things out of duct tape too. He made a wallet and used it for quite a few years. I sure do miss those days! They grow up too fast!

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