Beauty. In the eye of the beholder.



A blue jar on my windowsill holds a bunch of straggly weeds.

Given by a little girl delighted to find a thing of beauty to give to her mamma.  A child with nothing of monetary value to offer to display her love.  This mamma thinks they’re beautiful. I love the offering and the heart behind it.

An older brother smirks at her her meager little gift and looks at me with a half grin on his face as if to say “she just doesn’t know yet how to give a great gift.   Really? A bunch of weeds?”  But he doesn’t yet know the things a parent’s heart can feel.

The way my heart splits wide open to see her running across the meadow with a fist full of “flowers” she just picked with an excited smile on her face. The way she looks as she thrusts them into my hands. When I say “for me?” she nods eagerly.  Delighted that she can bring joy to the world of another.

See, her brother doesn’t know that I felt the same way when he’d pick dandelions by the fistful to bring inside to me.

I’m convinced that God made pretty weeds for children to pick for their mammas. He knew they’d love to pick with abandon, without worrying about whether there would be any left.

I believe God feels the same way about us. That his Father heart splits wide open with love and pride at our meager offerings. We may not have much to give, but when given with a heart of love and adoration, it is everything.

Beauty is not always only found in the things that delight the eyes, but in the things that delight the heart.

11 thoughts on “Beauty. In the eye of the beholder.

  1. karenladd says:

    What a wonderful post…and really, the beauty of those weeds in that blue jar are both in the eyes AND the heart!

  2. Liz Ortiz says:

    Amen to that Brenda! …your post truly brought tears to my eyes, remembering my own weed bouquets and what they represent. thank you for sharing!
    Have a blessed day!

  3. Diane Mengel says:

    What a wonderful post even if it did make me cry. You can just feel the emotion from both of you. Makes me sad that I don’t have a little one to bring me such beautiful flowers. Please keep sharing with us!

  4. coleensr says:

    This goes right to the heart of every mama! And Grandma’s too, I might add! Those special little bouquets mean so much!

  5. dianenoble50 says:

    Oh what a precious post! Takes me waaay back to my boys delighting to bring dandelions to me for the vase on the kitchen table. A priceless gift to be sure!

  6. Agata says:

    I got my portion of weeds today! 🙂 Thank you for this beautiful post! I know no one else who shares their faith like you do…

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